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  1. Could help you to choose : https://www.techspot.com/bestof/gaming-monitors/ https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/best/by-usage/gaming Be sure to like the curve of the g7. Just a side note about 5800x : this one runs hot. ( https://www.techpowerup.com/review/amd-ryzen-7-5800x/20.html )
  2. And he says he will get a b550 aorus pro as a daily driver, or x570 tuf (because 8 sata ports). Buildzoid is not the only reviewer. There are plenty of good reviewers. This is the goal of marketing : make you think about things you don't ever need. Works for every item. It was the same before. You have a thing here you don't have here, and if you want all the bells & whistles, then go buy the most expensive product. You already write what you need. So, you know what you need. Don't let marketing telling you what you should nee
  3. That is a pretty solid build. Those are the only things worth a look again : •Motherboard: MSI B550-A PRO ATX AM4 Motherboard - Very good value board. If you are OK with the IO, go for it. •Memory: Patriot Viper Steel 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4w-3200 CL16 Memory - You could have 3600 cl16 kit around the same price, sometimes. Might worth the look (like Crucial Ballistix 2x8 3600 cl16 (was $75 here)) •Storage: Patriot VPN100 256 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive - A bit too low for a storage. You should consider 512. For the rest, it is solid, well thinked and we
  4. Hey mate, If you like IOs and prosumer features, the B550 Vision D could be the perfect board for you. It is really focus toward ports, lan and IOs. Moreover, it is an excellent quality one.
  5. Don't be to picky Buildzoid is a power user. His video are really interesting. Takes the knowledge and use it for yourself. You can do every tweaks with every bios. Don't worry for that. Have a look at Techpowerup reiews. They show BIOS in every reviews. You will see, they are all OK. My friends and I all have different brands and none of us can't use the bios. There're all nice. It is OK. So, after reading what you wrote, and thanks for explainations, I can see that you don't need m_2 gen4. Don't build for the future. It is impossible to do that. If future is rea
  6. Don't get to sentimental with brands. You don't have to be loyal to a brand. But it wise to like a product for what it is. If a brand makes a good product, then go for it. All the motherboard you listed are top tier boards. If you have the use of it, then, there are all good. Choose the one looks the best to your eyes. X570 Unify is like the more well rounded board and it have 3 m_2 slots. In case you will not overclock anything or don't (or likely less) use the third m_2 slot, you might choose a "lighter" board. There are plenty of good options and
  7. Have a look at Scythe Fuma 2. Close performer. Silent. Easy installation. And OK with p400a.
  8. Dammit. Some other people have issue with ram too, on x570 and B550 but only Ryzen 5000 so far. They can only use 3200 atm, and it happens on MSI, Gigabyte, asus, etc.. In every cases, it works with 3200. And every cases, it works with older gen ryzen. It did not work even if you enter every timing manually, without touching XMP at all ?
  9. Yes. That is really not a great difference for 540. And we're far above the 75 rock solid infps every scenario. And you may ask him : what is your screen refresh rate, just in case it matters even less. At last, this a personnal decision. He got every info he needs. He can decide if it is worth or not.
  10. Those benchmarks are 1080p. We still don't know if he is playing 1080p or not. Even if this the case, we still can give him an opnion on the real gain for the money. But he may see for 1440p benchmark otherwise. 1080p is different that those scenarios. And here, we are taking about 75 rock solid frames. Not 180+ rock solid frames. Big-Pete : you will have 75 solid fps whatever is your choice and you might not see a real performance increase at 1440p or more. The choice is yours.
  11. I understand. But what is your resolution ? As I tell you, there is no difference if you don't play 1080p. You might have a really, really low gain at 1440p but, I think, it is not worth any money. If I were you, I will keep the 3700x. It is a good CPU and it will handle well. You might think to change later and, even later, not sure it is worth it. Keep it as long as you can. In a gaming scenario, your GPU matters really more. So, to summerize : 1080p : why not but not worth the money 1440p / 4K : there is no reason. Except if you think
  12. Hello Big-Pete, If you don't play at high refresh rate 1080p, there is no point upgrading your CPU. There will be no difference at all.
  13. D-Ram voltage 1.35V should be enough. It seems that some USB can cause issues. Windows 10 related and USB hub related but should be a different issue. XMP issues =/= USB issues. Enter XPM profile manually could works. Make sure you have drivers & BIOS up to date. You can have a look at that :
  14. Can't have remorse at this price. Go get it.