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    intel core i5-9600k
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    MSI Z-390 A-Pro
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    2 8GB black oloy
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    PNY GT 1030 2GB, R9 270X 2GB VAPOR-X
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  1. yea honestly might give up at this point, ive tried fixing drivers, cleaned connectors with alcohol and eraser, took it apart and dusted it off, switched PCIE slots, updated windows and uninstalled/disable any other form of video, aaaaand yea. If anyone else has a solution feel free to post. the only thing I havent done is put it in my old PC, idk if it'd do anything but its worth a shot, just gotta rewire the new power supply, put in cpu and hard drives and see if it boots, if not then there goes $50. it was worth a shot right?
  2. is there a way to clean the connectors or repair them? they have some metal scrapped back and I dont know if its the major cause but there is some smudges and wondering if theres a proper way to clean them
  3. so ok your right, useless for low end G-cards unless your running multiple high ends and you need more power, you can still run it but wont do much... or use it for a case fan witch I might plug into because my back exhaust fan isnt spinning for some reason, plugged it onto every connector on board and nothing. might replace anyways because the rest of the fans in the case are incompatible with mobo. thanks for the help guys
  4. I have this MSI Z-390 A-pro motherboard and it has a 6 pin power connector on the motherboard next to the PCIE slots. I did some research and some people say its for more high end cards and for sli crossfire what not to balance out the power. Well, I also happen to have PNY GT 1030 2GB GDDR5 that pulls 30 watts from only the PCIE slot and was wondering what happens if I plug in the connector with the GT 1030. Will it give a performance boost? will it ruin motherboard? idk, thats why I came to the forums. if anyone has an answer would be amazing.
  5. definetly painting the removable outer white plastic case to matte black or some other shit, also putting LED's on the outer rim. I can see somebody water cooling this
  6. 1st image: picture of R9 270X plugged in with fans running 2nd image: bottom side of the card showing PCI slot 3rd image: top side of card showing PCI slot noticed it was a bit warm when I touched the back side of were the brain of the gpu sits, like it was mabye 60-70 mabye 50 degrees fahrenheit warm but it was noticable. also @Bombastinator what do you mean by "check the drivers." like I uninstalled my nvidia drivers and disabled onboard graphics from my i5 so... and when I plug in my display port to the card it goes all the way in but I dont hear my moniter
  7. yo that looks something similiar I have, I bought a MATREXX 70 with pre-installed fans and an RGB strip and it came with that same adapter. I made a similiar post and yea it looks like its propriety cables, I dont know what to though so I was gonna go ahead and get some new ARGB fans and strips.
  8. I bought this R9 270x for $50 at an auction and wanted to put it in my new build as a substitute while the 3070 comes available. so I finished my build with an i5-9600k and plugged it into the x16 slot and nothing I saw a similiar post to this one but it didnt solve my issue and it said "this post is old, rather start a new thread than to revive this one." so decided to come to the forums for help. so yea it run the fans spin and fluctuat as programs run but theres no display, I tryed installing radeon graphics driver and it said "incompatible build" and the support page said the c
  9. the build I was going for (if anyone's interested) core i5-9600k RTX 3070 800w modular power supply 16GB DDR4 3200mhz RAM motherboard with enough fan headers, overclocking capabilities, m.2 slot, more than 1 PCI-E x16 slot, usb-c on back, and cheap. I already bought and have the CPU, motherboard, PSU, RAM, chassis. I bought a $18 cpu fan that didnt fit my new one but fits my old and currently using i3-2120 PSU comes this week might be able to turn on with cpu fan, back fan, and 1 front fan. also bought a Saphire radeon VAPOR-X R9 270x
  10. uhg. ok so the RGB connectors on the fans and strip have proprietary connectors then. is there a hub that controls both fans and strip like a 2 in 1 kinda deal, save money yknow. If not, will I have to replace the fans and strip? Actually gonna have to because the cable for fan wont reach mobo so...
  11. https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/rgb-accessories/masterfan-argb-and-pwm-hub was this the one you were mentioning?
  12. yea the first image is one of the case fans from the front, 2 other images were the adaptars that came with the case, 3rd picture is the bottom of the mobo were the RGB connecter is labeled "JRGB1" and other connectors for fans and front I/O. also yes the link you sent was the motherboard. Are they really proprietery connectors? why would anyone do that?
  13. I bought this deepcool mattrexx 70 from amazon with pre installed fans and 1 RGB strip and having troubles wiring it. as I was hooking up the fans to my Z-390 A-pro motherboard I noticed the RGB connectors for the 3 front fans and the RGB strips have 3 pin male connectors...so then I thought "how am I supposed to hook that up to 4 pin motherboard". Yea all the pins on the mobo have at least 4 pins. I searched around the internet for a 3 pin to 4 pin but im guessing there is no such thing because of how the wiring works and how the lights will look different. Also the cables that power the fans