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  1. Oh ok, thank you 2. I was just searching for bluetooth cards. Is there some way to know which type of card would be good, like some special features I should search for?
  2. I haven't found anything like that! Im searching one for my pc, does anyone have a recomendation?
  3. Thank you for you help man, new to this shit
  4. soooooo in summary I fucked up because I didn't check the timing of the different pair of sticks? if that's the case I'ma use one pair of the ram sticks and sell the others to get the same kit as nerdom said
  5. I thought of that when buying the sticks, but the 4 of them are ddr4 2400mhz, sooo...
  6. Plus: When I see my ram slots on CPU-Z it says that on slot 1 and 2 are my hyper x sticks, despite being on slot 1 and 3. Is that correct?
  7. Hi, so as the title says I've been haven problems with my memory. Recently I got two blue screen's with the same problem, which is MEMORY-MANAGEMENT. So I checked my ram and I did put them on the correct slots (I think so)! I put some images of the BSOD and my ram order. (Sorry but the photo is outdated I now put the rgb ones on A1 & B1 and the corsair ones in A2 & B2) Thank you for taking the time on helping me
  8. Hi, so yeah I know you can do it by pressing the windows key and D, but is there any other way. More like in Mac OS (I come from using all my life mac os, so Im adapting)
  9. I just bought the 2060, so thanks everyone for the knowledge
  10. Yes! That was the problem, very stupid indeed. Thank you anyway
  11. I tried but nothing happened, and sadly my router only has one. It's like a repeater