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  1. Yeah I know but I've got PCI 4 might aswell use it right, I don't mind spending more anyway
  2. I'm not sure you're getting what I meant, I would have the 980 pro as a boot drive, the sn550 as another spare drive and I am also looking for a big 2 or 4tb sata drive for games. So in total I'd have 3 drives
  3. The 980 Pro would be my boot drive and for crucial applications not the game drive.
  4. Thank you mate thats what I was looking at, seems like the best choice
  5. Hello, I am wondering what would be the best SSD for game storage, I already have a 1TB m.2 SN550 as a boot drive and storage for now and will be buying the samsung gen4 pcie SSD as the new boot drive whenever that is out which will take up all the m.2 slots on my x570 tomahawk. So in the meantime I am wondering what is the fastest 2TB or bigger SSD that is reasonable for a game drive? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks EDIT: I was thinking about the MX500 or the WD Blue
  6. Just tried to play Metro Exodus with 2 cables and got a system crash to the point where my computer restarted almost immediately, on the reliability report it came up as a hardware error?
  7. Huh interesting, I am using one cable gonna have to try 2 cables see if that fixes it. So annoying that this great card gets ruined with issues like these
  8. I don't have it turned on in the game but the games don't seem to wanna run without it
  9. Hello, This is my first ever post so I apologise if it is in the wrong place or anything. Basically I have built my first PC the other day and downloaded some games, Metro 2033 Redux , Last light Redux and Exodus. 2033 and Last light crash however in safe mode they are playable for a while and then crash. Exodus is another story, it will not get past the first cutscene with Anna and gives me a black screen with a fatal error message. I am on the newest drivers AMD have released. Also I have tried playing State of Decay 2 which gave me a crash with the reasoni