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  1. Body wasn´t warm... and fans were never noisy. So it was hard to solve this problem. Thank you
  2. Thank you bro, Fan was full of mess, even wasn´t spin. Nice
  3. Hello comunity, I have problem with my girlfriend´s laptop. Everything was fine... but csgo start lagging few days ago. Drop from stable 80fps to 10-20 fps on every grap. settings.We noticed that no game works smoothly even Among us. Nothing helped so I decided to reinstall windows 10 (64bit). It didn´t help. Audio is chopping and laptop very slow in full screen app. Chrome, Office etc. work fine. Specs Intel i5 8250U 8Gb Ram 2400mhz Nvidia Mx110 https://youtu.be/Wwl6PXCY_Rs Video... Have you any ideas, tips or what to do with that piece of crap? Thank you guys. :)