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  1. tech jesus did not have any follow ups on that videos, guess will have one with navi 2
  2. If i were you i would not go for a used 2080 ti, if it were 50 to 100 dollar yes than 3070 yes for sure, but at the same price something brand new is better than used. Still the availability is questionable. Personally I am waiting the first 3 months of 2021 to build my first pc. I am waiting for the 5600 and maybe a 3060 or 3050 ti or an amd card competing with that, I am hoping that by 2021 availability is fixed
  3. Hi all, today is an interesting day for gpu buyers but I would like to understand one thing from AMD gpu users, are the drivers still broken giving weirdness or other problems or they managed to fix them?
  4. for me the 5900x is in line with previous gen, the 5800x is a bit overpriced but 50 dollars at that pricepoint tend to be felt less, the 5600x no matter the performance is massively overpriced at 312euros for a 6 core 12 thread with a bad box cooler which you will need to change if you want better performance adding at least another 60 bucks on top of that. The problem of price of 5600x is that ryzen 5 is very popular for budget builds and that 50 dollars plus the b550 base costs increase over b450 can even be 10 per cent or more of the budget and that is a big down for this series.
  5. alternatively if you need to buy a pc now keep in mind that a 1808 ti trade blows with a 2060 and that you may want to go for a b450 which will be going to get a bios update for 5000 ryzen so in the future you can upgrade to 5600 or something like that!
  6. If you want to use it for rendering ect... i would wait another month before making the pc, ryzen 5000 is being presented in 6 days and all the navi lineup in 26 days and that is going to be a bang for the buck but also performance killer. Wait wait wait, and get rid of that psu. If i were you i would watch ryzen presentation and see if they speak about the infinity fabric clock or optimal ram speeds so in the meanwhile you can buy or try to look for a prime day deal about that x kit of ram
  7. i am a legend, i used to put the band in the middle of my head after vertex LOL. I guess i was wearing them wrong all the time for the past week, i put now them before the vertex (towards the occipital bone not the frontal) and the headphones now are stable do not slip even if i go down with a 90 degree angle with my head. Guess i fucked up hard
  8. Avoid the corsair vs especially the one with the yellow sticker which is the old one and is a crap psu
  9. from my psu knowledge if i had 70 bucks on a psu i would not buy that at all. It has a bad quality overall build and could end up killing your build, look for a sharkoon wpc or a solid evga power supply
  10. I don't know. left and right are ok and i have been trying various positions but none worked, the headpbeand even though making pressus slide slowly and from what i noticed the right hearcp in particular but also the left tends to slowly slide if i flw my head down. It is my first pair of headphone and i cannot evaluate if i am wearing them correctly or not. any suggestion?
  11. I have recently my first pair of over the ear heaphones, they are sony wh-1000xm4 i use them for various things and gaming, however i am going crazy since the headphones slide down my head slowly but surely, in 1 minute you have to reposition if i look down even slighlty. I have adjusted to headband to the shortest and it did not work, i tried to get 2 clicks of the headbeand to make it longer and it did not work. What should i do next???