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  1. Do you have any idea what happened instantly before you found out about front panel jack? It seems its probably physical damage tho i might be wrong
  2. Completely agree with this Cant see any place where you can cut corners here other then maybe 1tb mech drive This will give you a clear upgrade part in future you can probably upgrade to 5XXX series processor tho i doubt it'll be any useful
  3. Also damn gigabyte makes displays too? lmao never knew that
  4. I agree with this, Tho i'll suggest a NVMe ssd instead of 2.5inch
  5. b450 MSI Mortar max vs tomahawk max(1 or 2 either) I have ryzen 3600x Could look into minor overclocking I looked into mortar cause it has more usb ports Both are like the same prices for me so i just need to know if they have any major differences
  6. I will not suggest you to buy the 1660 super at all wait a while for rtx 3060ti it'll be worth it
  7. If you just ordered the 550 I'll suggest you just go for an upgrade
  8. Isnt 450 to 600 a big jump? I mean if recommended is 600 how can 450 handle it or is that for future proofing?
  9. Hey! I guess title explains it I have Ryzen 3600+GTX 1050ti in my rig right now Will my PSU be able to run rtx 3060ti? I dont really have any extra cooling solution, Just one fan that came with the case I do have 3 hard drives tho with 1 ssd (All sata) 2 3.5 inch 5400 RPM hard drives 1 2.5inch 5400 RPM 1 WD blue SSD (Sata)
  10. I can plus one on the speakers being bad, I have cheapo headphones and if i just keep them at my desk and at fully max volume they sound better then the inbuilt speakers in my cheapo screen
  11. Yes im not planning to upgrade since this rig will have a complete "reset" after 3-4 years i wont use any of the hardware right now so i'll go for the cheaper ones Also my case is a full one but im using a mATX right now So my question is, mATX vs ATX any real difference rather then just more Pci slots and minor things?
  12. Btw did you accidently mark my reply as answer or something? I got jump scared from the notif sound lmao
  13. Gaming/Streaming Not really thinking of overclocking anytime soon
  14. Hi, I have a r5 3600X and wanted to look for a motherboard update (on MSI A320M Pro Vd/s right now) Am on 8x2 ram right now and maybe looking to upgrade to 8x4 later I have Msi GTX 1050 TI mini single fan and planning for a RTX 3k series upgrade later Just want to look for the most budget options which will easily support me for 3-4 years, I will not be using this rig after that Thank You for reading this