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  1. The Vancouver guy with the cool animations in his video was no doubt better than mine and many others I have seen. I come to see submissions in the Top 12 that apparently followed a different criteria that many of us didn't receive. Many of us are confused, and puzzled as to what was the decision making process of this was. What the criteria that we had to meet was, as it seemed like the criteria we were given, most of us did not meet apparently. Even the guy who set his old macbook on fire went silent over the shear confusion of the decision making process of this contest. This simple just ga
  2. Not everyone has those privileges and we actually have to spend hours on end on our rig to edit and film all week to get a video done with midterms trailing behind us. But hey, if you have those advantages, congrats.
  3. Also this might be petty but I was looking at the finalist again and the camera quality on the videos its far better than what i produced how were you able to render edit that such of a good quality video on the craptatastic of a rig, I dont know, last years submissions made sense this years just seems like a out right of a lie most of them that are in the top 12.
  4. Thank you for sharing POV, it helped me see another side to this. I can relate to you as well. After COVID-19, I also lost the job I had and I’ve been trying to get by with the setup I have currently and for possibly, the next four years as an undergrad computer engineering student. I understand that it is merely up to the judges and we all have different perspectives, but some things were just outright ridiculous. I’m not sure but what hurt the most was the fact that a kid, who might not even be 13 because he looks way too young, stood in front of a green screen and gave a PowerPoint presenta
  5. No dw i understand your pain i saw this one of the finalist video and was comparing with mine i wanted to know what i did so wrong that I did not meet the criteria. One of the finalist and they are from Toronto too but I was so confused on what made this better than mine, I'm genuinely wondering what was the difference with mine, I tried to meet the criteria the best as possible, I got in contact with Jono trying to get more insight on their decision making process but I havent heard anything yet.
  6. Hey Jono,


    Im not really anyone but when i submitted my video for the Canadian submission I was kinda scared the proper link was not submitted after seeing your recent post of the top 3 local and remote winners. I'm only asking because I don't want to keep getting my hopes up. It would really nice hearing from you

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    2. JonoT


      Ah Ok. 


      The remote portion is both Canada and USA and local is specifically BC. We had a Alberta finalist in the remote category. 

    3. rupayon123


      ok thank you


      and last thing before im done bothering you i wanted to know how could I improve upon my video submission so I might I have a chance next year because it seems like I didnt meet the criteria this year. 


    4. rupayon123


      and thank you for being this patient with me

  7. Yeah if you wanna play at 5 fps at 70 ping. It brutal man I had to stop playing so I can focus on my studying cause I spend most of my time restarting the game and changing the settings.
  8. hello, im scared man like really scared like this contest is driving me into the ground wondering whether I have a chance or not. Upon that fear I came across you guys and got addicted looking through these forums. Can you guys take a look at my vid and just be real with me, I cant take this stress no more, you feel me, imma shut up. heres the link, go nuts: pls go easy on me... i only know pain.....