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  1. I was in the same situation as you recently. I ended up picking up this monitor. Its maybe more of a budget pick than what you're after, but it checked all of my boxes. It comes in today, so I will update on my first impressions when I get it set up later. One caveat is that I'm not sure about G-Sync compatibility, which if you're planning on upgrading to a 3080 I'm assuming you're looking for.
  2. This is perfect as I'd just be using it for side stuff like YouTube videos and general surfing. All the real traffic would be going through the dedicated HDMI port to my 1440p/144hz main monitor. I see Pluggable makes a cheaper version that supports up to 2k, so I might go with that. Thank you!!
  3. I bought a new ASUS Zenbook off of Newegg, and I guess I didn't look at the USB-C port closely enough. I'm going to a 2 monitor set-up, and found out that my USB-C port does not support display connections... Has anyone found a reliable DisplayLink adapter for USB-A to HDMI/DisplayPort/VGA? Reviews on all that I've found are dicey at best. A work around for still using the USB-C port would also be very welcome. I don't need anything majorly fancy as it is just going to a secondary 1080p/60hz monitor. For reference, this is my laptop. My config has the MX150 and i7. T