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  1. 12 minutes ago, Senzelian said:
    1. What do you mean with "still working" ? Do they run for another minute and then shut down? Do the keep running forever?
    2. Did you change out the motherboard? (It's actually a feature on some boards to keep the power running for maybe a minute or a few seconds)
    3. Which fans are you using? Are they all the same?
    4. Are the fans connected to a fan controller or the motherboard directly?

    1.They keep running forever.

    2. I changed from MSI Z170A Gaming PRO to MSI Z390 Tomahawk and still the same problem.

    3. In case there are 4 fans the same that came with the case.

    4. Fans are connected to controller that is at the back of case, where other cables are hidden and it's connected to JRGB on the Mboard.