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  1. Yes I have connected to it with my local Ip but it is working now.
  2. Ok so I checked my external address with the 25565 port on a port checker which it said it was open but my server ip address with 25565 was not open so I asked my friend if he could join the server with my external address and he could!! I don't know why its working now maybe because I got rid of the port forwarding rule and ip reservation and then put it back but I did that before and it did nothing.
  3. Also I don't know if this helps but this is the error I get when trying to load into the server on a different WIFI.
  4. Ok so I talked to arris and they said that my modem could not be bridged. I am wondering now if that is the issue.
  5. Hi so I HAD a forum on google but it now says that its can't be found. I made a forum on windows 10. Here is a link to it https://www.tenforums.com/network-sharing/165471-help-port-forwarding-will-not-work.html?165471=#post2033380 I would really appreciate it if you help me out here.