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  1. Lol figured it worked with usb c. All i really want to know is if its capable of taking advantage of the 540mbps my external ssd will have.
  2. what is the ss port in the middle called and what is the data transfer speed of said port?
  3. guess ill have to use my controllers wired : (
  4. i can connect and use wifi just fine. this pc is less then a year old. i have updated drivers and everything other then replacement. you think i should unscrew and rescrew it in even though wifi works on the card?
  5. I had that installed and still nothing
  6. I will update this and see if it works
  7. the download doesnt show up when i search for drivers on my pc...
  8. alright i uninstalled and refreshed it made no difference
  9. uninstall device from device manager? I updated the driver and it found one automatically. did nothing. disabled driver, restarted and renabled. nothing. The only thing i havent done is uninstall device completely and idk how to get it back if i did uninstall it
  10. There is definitely not a exteral usb port for bluetooth. This is the wifi chip, would you mean updating the driver? It could also be because my computer runs off of ethernet?
  11. I'm gonna be honest, I have 0 clue what either of those are.. How do I check?
  12. I have recently bought a wireless controller for my pc. I have been using bluetooth speakers for a while on my pc and suddenly one day the toggle itself for bluetooth in completely gone... I have ran the bluetooth troubleshooter and it says my computer does not even have bluetooth, which is absurd. I have also tried updating the drivers through device manager, and bluetooth does not even show up..
  13. I think it was jus due to overuse. Ive been playing games most of today and havent had it happen yet. I have HWMonitor on another monitor so when it does, ill post the ss
  14. I use msi afterburner would that be sufficent for a ss?
  15. I use MSI afterburner, would that be sufficent for a ss?
  16. Intel stock cpu cooler.. I dont think 85C for a i7 8700k is a thermal throttling limit, is it?
  17. Sometimes when I am playing games my frame rate will drop below 10 fps and the cpu (8700) will go and stay below 15% and my gpu (1070) will stay below 40%. and the core clock will go down to 1100Mhz My temps are fine the cpu usually stays below 85c and the gpu is usually around 80 so I don't think it is thermal throttling. I have tried running BIOS diagnostics for hardware changes and got no hardware problems detected. I have tried restarting, and performing a hard reset to no avail. I have also updated my graphics card drivers using device manager. My pc is the Dell Inspiron 568