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  1. im not fear mongering, i was giving extra advice to make things easier aswell as answering his question? I told him that if he is scared of losing his windows product key then he should link it to his account? You go on twitter too much lol.
  2. yea you wont need a reinstall again then. you're fine
  3. You only need to reinstall windows if you change your storage. And it is a pain transferring data from one storage to another cause most programs that transfer all the data AND the OS cost money to use. However, if you dont have your windows key linked to your Microsoft account, when you change your motherboard you'll need to buy a new key.
  4. uh, ASUS Prime Z490-A is white, but yea im gonna wait. Although i dont think its possible for AMD to beat both Intel and NVIDIA in performance since they do both cpu and gpu while intel focuses on one and nvidia focuses on one. We'll see how good they are though, excited!
  5. So I recommend to make upgrading ANYTHING and being fearful of losing your windows key, link your windows key to your account and from then on no matter the hardware as long as you sign in with your Microsoft account, you'll have windows.
  6. I already picked out the case, NZXT H510 Elite, so a cpu and mainboard at a max of $700, Although if possible a white rgb motherboard because pretty, the ASUS Prime Z490-A is what I'd get if i got tenth gen intel.
  7. Im only converting my 32 GB RAM, 650w PSU, and 2 TB ssd. im open to getting a new PSU if thats needed
  8. I was thinking of getting that but worried about bottleneck $500 if possible
  9. I have an AMD CPU/motherboard currently but im going to be getting a new motherboard aswell. Only reason i havent just gotten a i9-10900k is because thats out of my price range, if possible $500 for the CPU would be a good limit
  10. Hi so i was able one of the lucky people to order a 3080, however my current CPU would bottleneck with it too much. What are good CPU's to pair with a 3080?
  11. Thats actually a really good idea... LMAO i didnt think of that.
  12. How bad does bottlenecking affect a PC's speed? Im going to be buying an Intel Core i7-10700K and an ASUS Prime Z490-A(idk if the motherboard is that important for this question) and a 3080 when they're back in stock. Would this bottleneck and if so how much would this be affected? Lastly, is there any website that is good for calculating bottleneck?
  13. Does anyone know if a company is releasing a completely white 3080 like ASUS' white 2080 ti? Or if it possible to buy a custom casing that would replace the black?
  14. HI, Im looking to set up LED strips in my bedroom but I dont know what brands make good LED's. What Im looking for is ability to add/remove LED's, good adhesive, good color/whites, ability to control them via my phone or a remote controller, and no controller that is directly connected. Im going to put them on the ceiling in a light diffuser that has an aluminum back for heat distribution but I dont know the best way to hide the wire that would be running down my wall. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!