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  1. damn yea the motherboard i have rn for it honestly isnt bad at all its an itx board and it works but then it just bugs out on me its super annoying
  2. hey guys i wanted to get a little help so i have a minecraft server it has an fx 4300, 12 gb of ram and a rx 560 4gb (ik its stupid its just the only extra card i had so i figured may as well) and i only use it for minecraft i also have an i7 3770 laying around and thats a lot better then an fx 4300 so i figured may as well switch right but the motherboard i have for the i73770, i think it has water damage or something idk, i got it to turn on but it would randomly flash colors or shut off. I tried
  3. i saw that post lol, i saw that the card works fine on linux so im thinking about switching
  4. It has video outputs, from what ive seen it could be a mobile 1080 that was put into a full sized board
  5. Hello everyone! I was on craigslist the other day and stumbled upon a gtx 1080 for $150, with one catch. Its a weird Chinese card that doesn't work on drivers that aren't from 2017. Its a really good deal which is why im tempted to buy it and tinker around with it to see if I can get it working for my pc. I currently run an rx580 so this would be a solid upgrade. I still want to play new games though and from the research I have done on this card It cant run the latest titles just due to the driver issues the card has. Can anyone help me out or give me any suggestions on what to do? I was thin