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  1. I waited for this for months, wound up playing it for maybe a week and uninstalling. The idea is cool and the art is great, but the gameplay is just awful. It's slow, boring, and auto-battle based. Gacha is expensive, poorly explained, and the draw rates are abysmal. No wonder nobody else replied to this lol, barely anyone played. The entire design of it is just archaic and confusing. I doubt it will last long here.
  2. Not sure which genre(s) you're into, but...there is a new game called Genshin Impact that just finally released here in the West. It is also out for PC and PS4 but to me, the mobile version is the one to play. It's like Breath of the Wild, with an anime-style bend to it. I've played a lot of mobile games, especially RPGs, and have spent a lot of time in the Play store also. This game just launched a few days ago and at the present is the best mobile experience I've ever had. If you enjoy open-world exploration and interacting with the environment, I highly recommend it.