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  1. Thankyou for your responses! Will go for a dram-less ssd.
  2. Hi, I'm planning to buy a 2.5 enclosure and put an SSD instead of an HDD in it. I would be using it as just a basic temporary storage, pictures, videos from my phone transferred through OTG for long trips for when my phone storage gets full. Im wondering if it's just fine going with a dramless SSD rather than one with dram for a use case like this. I could get a 480gb dramless ssd for the price of a 250gb ssd with dram which would double my storage for the same price. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, will try to do this. No i don't think i got got though, I haven't paid for it yet, he just let me bring it home to try and have it working. He doesnt have a way of contacting his old tech, thats why we have no idea what the password is, he doesnt know much about PCs as well. Such a waste if this wont work anymore tho.
  4. Yes i unplugged the power supply from the board, removed the 24pin and 8pin cpu. Nothing is connected to the board, removed the battery, jumped the CLR CMOS pins. I don't actually have any experience with Bios flashing. If I cant remove the bios password, should i just return it? I really want to be able to use this since i got this combo for only $20, which is already a steal in my country. And this motherboard has HDMI built in so i dont have to mess with adapters for my use which would be a basic htpc.
  5. These pins, above F_USB1, i shorted these 2 pins. I removed the battery while shorting these pins. Password is still there.
  6. So I bought a motherboard and APU from a friend who previously had an internet cafe, the motherboard has a BIOS password and he has no idea what it is since he had a technician before. The problem is, even if i plug a bootable hard drive to it, it still prompts for the BIOS password, basically it can't be used. I have tried removing the battery for a day, jumped the clear cmos overnight, for both of these processes the power supply has not been connected to the motherboard, shorted pins 1 and 6 on the bios chip while turning the system on. I want to use this as an htpc since its an APU. The mo