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  1. Yeah, i have the same MiPad2, and it's 64 GB. It's running Windows 10 Pro (20H2), and I did apply this debloat script. It gets rid of some unnecessary crap and frees up some memory, which definitely helps. Also came across this discussion on XDA which might be interesting to read. I did my mod a little different though, and ended up cutting out a square from the shroud, so the thermal pad would make direct contact to the CPU and back housing. Seems to work just as well. O and I had the exact same problem with the wifi driver not being properly installed after every majo
  2. I just did the exact same mod, after which i stumbled uppon your post :) For me it wasen't so much the temperature, but more the thermal throttling when playing Youtube 1080p 60FPS. It would do it fine for a few minutes, but it would slowly clock the CPU down to about 0.7Ghz to a point where the video would be constantly loading. I have a few of these Atoms, and they all have their thermal issues, not so much when the CPU has high loads, more when the GPU is active (in my usecase videodecoding). That seems to generate a lot more heat, and most of the time the thermal solution is re