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  1. Also download GPU-Z: https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/ See what it says.
  2. Well, it should boot normally now to Windows. You shouldn't need to do anything, just close the case and start it up.
  3. It's normal that you may have to push the card a little bit to align these holes and to insert the screw. So the picture looks OK to me. Does it go all the way in now?
  4. Plyta sie wygina jak na nia naciszkasz, bo pod spodem brakuje wsparcia? Czy tak? Brakuje ci pewnie standoffs, czy jak je nazwales spacers. Odpowiem jutro.
  5. Double post somehow, sorry, tired.
  6. Spacers? You mean the standoffs? This??? I just thought of something: I think we're getting somewhere: if the standoffs are missing then yeah, the board will bend down under the weight of the video card. Then the card may slide slightly out of the PCIe slot. That's why lifting it with a knife helps. I gotta go now. Will check tomorrow.
  7. Yes, but did you remove the board, as I suggested, and checked the standoffs and the I/O shield? You have to find what is pushing on the board. Take a break, get some sleep and try to do it over tomorrow. You may be missing something. I've never seen a case or a mobo with misaligned holes. You're missing something.
  8. There must be something there. You're missing the standoffs? Read my post above and remove everything and carefully analyze the situation.
  9. You don't have a better picture? This looks like a bad situation, I don't like that knife - you will break something. Don't power on the PC until you figure this out. Take everything out: the video card and the motherboard. Make sure that you have the correct number of standoffs that align with the holes in the motherboard. Also, make sure the I/O shield is inserted in all the way in. You may need to push it really hard until all four sides snap into the case. Is there anything else between the edges of the board and the case? Like a bent PCI slot cover, or something?
  10. Napisz po Polsku. Zalacz jakies zdjecia.
  11. Need more information and pictures.
  12. Buying any capable GPU at this point seems like a waste of money. The new cards are hard to get indeed and probably won't be easy to get for few more months. It's worst launch ever, but eventually you'll be able to get one. You just happened to build a new PC during this frustrating time. If you must get something to keep you going meantime, the only sensible solution seems to get something used.
  13. Something must bent, as others pointed out. My guess is that the rear metal bracket (that part that goes into the rear of the case) isn't going in all the way. Either because the case or the bracket itself is bent. And yeah, for Pete's sake, clean it!
  14. For me, it's the greatest computer tech invention since SSDs came along. It makes a huge difference in gaming. I can't imagine going back to a fixed rate monitor. Just don't get the cheaper, old type TN panel!
  15. You're doing something terribly wrong if you have to reformat every 3 months. Like really wrong. My PC has been running smoothly for over 3 years now. I even rebuilt it with a new mobo and new CPU and just cloned my old SSD, didn't bother reinstalling.
  16. Yeah, according to some the Corsair 3600 CL14 is Samsung B-die but really, it is too expensive. I doubt I would see any significant performance gain with it either. Thanks for the link. Perhaps this weekend I'll give it a try!
  17. OP here... So just a quick update. I decided against the Corsair 3600MHz, CL14. I couldn't justify nearly $400 for 4x8GB of CL14 RAM. I bought Crucial Ballistix Elite 3600MHz, CL16 instead which was $150 for 4x8GB. It runs at 3600 (XMP) as advertised and the computer is stable. I'm not going to overclock it, I've no clue how to overclock RAM. I gained almost no performance but the slimmer profile allows my AIO to fit properly now without pressing against the memory sticks. My Geekbench 5 single thread score is the same but the multithread score gained almost 1000 points, which does
  18. I think I won't even bother trying to sell my 2080Ti. I'll put it on the shelf as a decoration:)
  19. The RTX 3070 is supposed to be $499 (new) and about as fast as RTX 2080Ti. So wait.
  20. Windows 10 isn't THAT bloated. And Linux has its own problems too. The grass is always greener on the other side.
  21. Hm, I don't see anything suspicious or anything maxing out your CPU. Did it start in the last few days? Have you tried um... restarting? It's been up for over 6 days. Which is not bad in itself. People don't reboot computers for weeks. But a restart may clear things up.
  22. Click the Details tab, sort by CPU and see what's eating up your CPU cycles, then click memory (you may need to enlarge the window).