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  1. Good morning fellow pc enthusiasts, I recently have started building a mineral oil pc. I loved the idea of these specifically for the potential of silence. On every task other then gaming the computer could basically be passively cooled. So of course I want the pump and radiator fans to not be turned on all the time but I’m not sure how to go about this. I found this thermostat switch https://www.amazon.com/Temperature-Controller-Thermostat-Waterproof-Instruments/dp/B08DCFS4HD Which I could use for the pump since the pump has a speed controller built in but the fans will need speed contro
  2. you could not have been more helpful. I just reset my computer and I forgot that was a thing thanks man!
  3. Hey bois, I built my pc last winter probably 10ish months ago and due to budget restraints I just got a really plain cheap evga 400-450 watt I don't remember what it technically was rated for. Just today my computer has started shutting itself off after about half an hour it's done this three times in a row now the same way. After it shuts off the power button led blinks on and off. It's just idling and there's no way it's overheating so would you guys agree I probably need a new power supply?
  4. I threw the ssd from my server computer in and now it boots to windows But after restarting my boot ssd still doesn’t show up in the disk manager so I can’t format it
  5. Howdy gamers recently my steam account was hacked and I am still not really sure how. My brother went through some I assume internet logs and we couldn’t find if there was anything on the computer. We both thought it would be safe to just reset the computer which I started doing a few hours ago. I just did windows built in reset the delete everything and reinstall windows option but once it’s started reinstalling it the computer is frozen I guess it’s been sitting on 9% for a few hours now. I have an ssd so assume it should take under half an hour to install. My computer was working fine befor
  6. Also a good idea I do have a g2a account I’ll go look on there and see if they don’t show my transactions somewhere.
  7. I Did provide the last four and I think my full name (the name on the card). I’ll definitely hit Up the program that was On that website thanks and I’ve changed the passwords to my email and discord and a few other apps after the incident.
  8. Same I’ve bought a total of 4 no problems with any of them.
  9. Good morning everybody, recently my steam account was stolen (don’t ever turn off two factor worst idea ever). Fortunately I’ve contacted steam and explained what went down I got a message back explaining I would need to provide a cd key as a part of account verification. Unfortunately google deletes my emails after their a month old so I don’t have an email receipt from any past games I’ve bought anymore. I do still have everything on my computer all the games are still downloaded on there so is there a way to find one of the game keys from the game files still on the pc.
  10. Kinda a joke but I have been looking at getting the combo he basically has on eBay I’m running a 4590
  11. If you replace them I’ll buy your cpu motherboard ram.
  12. If you already like the nzxt case you have now have you thought about just getting the h210 it’s not the smallest mini itx case but it supports atx power supplies like you need and it’s a good bit smaller then the 510.
  13. When I’m not gaming I often find myself staring into the deep dark blue and purple led soul of my computer and keyboard and mouse and mousepad 1 and mousepad 2 and controller and under desk.
  14. So idk what to call this but sometimes after I turn my computer on my keyboard (a Razer cynosa pro) will only do windows functions ex when I try pressing w to run forward the window will minimize and windows whiteboard will open. Sometimes if I click t to chat it opens windows text search or some shortcut related to t. Has anyone else had this problem I’ve checked windows settings and the settings in synapse nothing looks wrong and it doesn’t happen every time I use the computer maybe like 40% of the time.
  15. Can you borrow a friends power supply for a day to see if you can rule that out?