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  1. You mean they reported they won't work? Photo and video editing, I'll probably get a pair of 2650v2s as 2667v2s are a lot more expensive.
  2. Hi folks I've just obtained a barebones HP z820 workstation for almost nothing and intend to build it into a nice dual Xeon setup. It has dual 2011 sockets that support v1 and v2 E5 Xeons. I know the 26xx series work but there are also the 46xx series, which interest me because they can sometimes be had for 15-20% the price of the 26xx equivalents. I'm thinking a pair of 4650v2s would be rather nice and a lot cheaper than a pair of 2680v2s. Now, what I'm wondering is this - does the BIOS have to have specific microcode for a specific CPU in order
  3. Bump, no-one with any experience of Nvidia Maximus setups or knowledge of how Tesla cards need to be deployed?
  4. I shall do that as soon as I can. At the moment I have the card removed from my PC as the fan bearings were going causing it to vibrate and emit a very annoying noise. I've ordered a replacement fan, as soon as it comes I'll get it installed and put the card back in my PC and run those tests for you. The performance seems good, I can play The Outer Worlds at 1920x1200 with high settings and Vsync enabled (60Hz monitor) and it seems nice and smooth. I've only just managed to complete that game, so I haven't played much else, No Man's Sky runs well too, but I've not played it for more than
  5. Hi folks I'm researching which Quadro/Tesla combos will work together to create a Maximus setup. The two Tesla cards I'm interested in using are the K10 and K20. These are both Kepler cards with the K10 having 2x GK104 chips and the K20 having a single GK110. I know you need to use a K series Quadro with these cards, but not all of the K Quadros are Kepler based, some have Maxwell chips. The K620 and K2200 both have the GM107 Maxwell chip, so are they no good for use in conjunction with a K10 or K20? The K420, K600, K2000, K4000, K4200, K500
  6. Yes, the firepro is the display out, it works fine. Any info, screenshots etc you want, I'll supply them if it's helpful to you. Thanks for the tip about changing the value of the registry entry, that was the key to getting it to work. Here's a screenshot showing how it is setup - the P106 is the power saving option and I set games to use that option, which appears to do the trick nicely.
  7. I finally got my P106-90 working, the key was setting enablemshybrid to 2. However, it doesn't work to accelerate photoshop or the Topaz AI apps, however, it works fine to play games. It comes up as the power saving option so I simply set the games to use that option and it works great. So far I've played Fallout New Vegas, The Outer Worlds and No Man's Sky and they all run well at 1080p with high settings (Xeon E5-2673v3 12 core, 32Gb of quad channel DDR @ 2133Mhz) which is fine for me.
  8. If I disable the firepro, won't I lose the display, then I won't be able to see anything - black screen?
  9. I manually added the keys to the registry, restarted, enabled and disabled the card and now I can access Nvidia Control Panel but Graphics Settings in windows still shows the Firepro card as both the power saving and high performance options. Topaz Sharpen AI is still running very slowly so it doesn't appear to be working.
  10. I found out why I can't find the registry entries on page 8 of this thread: all works perfectly with EnableMsHybrid=0 and EnableCoproc=0 although nvdispi.inf does not create these keys for GTX 1060. The poster referred to this video: However, in the video, the edit to the registry is to remove a key called Adaptertype, I found the correct place where this key should be and it isn't there, so I couldn't remove it. So now I'm confused and stuck.
  11. I think what I'm missing is the registry edit step: click on find at top of menu in regedit look for find type in search field enablemshybrid look for adaptor type change from 2 to 4 look for mshybrid change form 0 to 1 now goto device manager and click on the p106 and disable then enable again The problem is, I can't find any mshybrid or enablemshybrid entry in my registry (Windows 10 1909). There is mention of manually adding the enablemshybrid entry, but I have no idea how to do it.
  12. Hi guys I bought a P106-90 3Gb to use not for gaming but to accelerate Photoshop and plugins, in particular Topaz Labs Sharpen AI. Card works under Windows 10 after doing the driver hack, but I can't get any apps to use the card as for both the power saving and performance options Windows shows the Firepro W5100 I'm using as a display card. I can't access Nvidia Control Panel either as it says there is no display connected to the GPU (which there isn't of course). So does anyone know a workaround that can get this card working, to make it appear as either the Power
  13. Does the +217% mean that it's approximately three times as powerful as the Firepro?
  14. Hi folks I've just started using some of the Topaz AI apps for photo processing, mostly Sharpen AI. They produce wonderful results but are very slow on my current setup - Dell Precision T5810 with Xeon E5-1630v3 and 32Gb quad channel DDR4, AMD Firepro W5100. I'm going to upgrade my CPU soon, probably to a 2680v3 which will give me 12 cores instead of 4, that should speed things up. However, I suspect that the way to get much faster performance with these AI apps is more GPU power. My budget is limited, so grabbing an RTX or some other powerful current or las
  15. Considering how little mainstream CPUs have changed in the last 5 years, I don't expect much to change radically in the next 5 years.