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  1. Probably the upcoming 5900x is gonna be a more than satisfactory upgrade given the gap that separates it from my current cpu and will have enough performance for the use of which i will need it My real concern is to go into a really expensive project and risk finding myself with a socket that will clearly support only this latest generation of cpu and which will then require in case of any upgrade the total change of motherboard, cpu and even ram with related waterblocks
  2. Hi guys, I'm joining the thread by asking you a question because I'm trying to collect much external opinions as i can. I plan to revamp the entire PC (excluding the 2080 ti which I think I'll replace with hopper) by making a dual loop build. It might make sense in your opinion, although I know my question is a bit premature, start this project with the upcoming zen 3 CPUs or, being this a PC of some importance, is It worth waiting for the am5 socket change (or even the next Intel gen) with the related ddr5 and keep my 4790k for now to be more "future proof". Thank you in advance for your help