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Everything posted by E3weee

  1. My motherboard came from a prebuilt and it’s an offbrand....
  2. Could you show me where on the motherboard?
  3. What does this plug into?
  4. TYSM!!! I have been wanting the rgb in my fans to work but they wouldn’t. This made the rgb work!!
  5. What does this plug into?
  6. Lol I case swapped my old pc and since I wasn’t sure if it was going to be how I liked it I just threw it together. I’m soon getting an ATX sized motherboard and newer components.
  7. Yeah I figured it out! Thanks for the help.
  8. Does it matter how many pins they have? The piece in the motherboard has 4 pins but the cord for the fan only has 3.
  9. It is a prebuilt I don’t have a manual.
  10. I only have 1 I think. What do I do now?
  11. So where do I plug these three cables in?
  12. Yeah I did that but now I’m trying to plug into the fans that are on my case, there’s three of them and they all have the same plugs.
  13. I’m very confused about this.. my old case has these plugs in the image below but my new case doesn’t have these plugs. Btw my new case is the ICUE 220T Corsair case.
  14. It was a prebuilt so i don’t have my mother board manual is. All I know it that my mother board is MATX and is ASrock branded.
  15. I’m case swapping my pc and I’m also somewhat new to PCs. Where do I plug this cable in at? I have 3 of them, they connect to my fans.