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  1. The light thing, to the best of my knowledge appears to be standard boot sequence stuff. Im all out of ideas for now
  2. Thanks for the help. I removed all but C, and it still wouldnt boot. I then removed the battery to reset cmos to default, but im bac to square one. I did notice that after restarting cmos, there was a big bright light on the mobo, first it was yellow, then red, then yellow, them red, then white, then green, them white, then its off permanently. Im gonna read the mobo booklet to see if that means anything and will update if I find something relevant
  3. Hello everyone, I recently built a computer and today... Something strange happened. This is the timeline to the best of my ability: I was browsing youtube, suddenly I got a strange pop up that said something like "restart windows now to fix a driver problem" The window itself only had 2 buttons to interact with: restart now, and restart later. I clicked restart now, and right after the windows loading wheel appears below the republic of gamers logo, it began to autorepair my E drive. It took around 30 minutes, then it rebooted, to the same exact process, to