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  1. Hi guys, your probably wondering why is this shmuck combining a newer cpu with a old gpu well heres my story basically building my first pc and im still waiting on my gpu (rx 6800) i currently have all my parts with the cpu being a ryzen 7 5800x can it or will it work with a gtx 660 gpu im trying to play cold war and iv seen benchmarks on youtube and it isnt that bad i can play but very low settings i really need one for now until i can get my hands on the gpu i want so would i encounter any issues?
  2. making me jealous. still waiting on my 5800x and rx 6800 ffs
  3. thanks so much! one more question sorry to bother you but do you reckon theres a big diffrence since im going to be streamig and doing youtube would the 5600x be enough or am i right to choose ryzen 7 5800x?
  4. ok so baiscally im in Australia and my budget by the looks of it is 2300-2500 Aud its going to be around 2500 mark because of the new gpu and cpu
  5. Hi guys, before you start yawning i really need one last conformation on my pc build im ready to buy and I'm just going to be waiting on till 18 November for rx 6800 and 5 november for the cpu. this build is for aoc 1080p 144hz monitor for the best try to future proof it. - Ryzen 5800x (5 November release) - aio cooler master masterliquid ML240R RGB (for more fps :)) - ASUS rog strix b550-f wifi - G.Skill Trident Z Neo 16gb cl18 latency - seagate barrucuda compute 2tb 7200 rpm internal harddrive - kingston a2000 240gb ssd NVME M.
  6. i still have no idea whether i should get a 8 core ryzen 7 3700x zen2 processer or ryzen 5 5600x zen 3 processor will the Modern Ryzen 5 still be very good for streaming/gaming, and the higher IPC of upcoming architectures will it bring improved gaming performance?
  7. well, im also stuck on whether i should go full AMD with radeon big navi 6000 series or maybe even a nvidia 3070
  8. do you think the faster cores and speed of the zen 3 ryzen 5 would be worth it with less cores?
  9. well put, 80 percent of me is sticking with the 3700x
  10. hi guys! im building a pc this novemeber as my first build and im stuck in sticky situation to choose a cpu firstly i currently am thinking of getting a ryzen 7 3700x becvause i want to stream and game with smoothness but as you know there is the new 5800x which is 100 aud more is it really worth it? is a newer generation 6 core 5600x zen 3 better than a 8 core 3700x zen 2 ? or should i stick with zen 2 8 cores for the bang for the buck? thanks guys! any suggestions would be helpful!
  11. im honestly worried about the same thing, im gonna be building a pc around november 12 and im not sure im gonna be able to get a good price for a 3070 so i might just go with big navi, dissapointing stuff man
  12. alright i have no idea what cpu you have but imma give my suggestion hope i can be a help first of all if your thinking about a 2070 super the new 3070 is said to be around the same price, so why not wait and get more of a bang for the buck rather then spending on a older gpu when you can get a better performance for around the same price with a newer gpu
  13. my build plant consists of a cpu amd ryzen 7 3700x but as you know amd has released a 5800x one but for some reason there is no 5700x which is more my type and price point. i would like to know your guys opinions if i should just stick with the 3700x or add the extra 100 and get a 5800x. - im gonna be using this pc for streaming and gaming and editing mostly gaming! thanks!
  14. yeh as someone else has already said i say wait for the new zen 3 processors for ryzen and the new gpu coming out this month october, around the same prices but better performances
  15. first of all thanks, i appreciate your advice and thoughts. this very well thought out and the link you have submitted is actually quite useful im going to be continuing my research thanks alot!
  16. thanks man! im definetly waiting for the new hardware! do you have any suggestions for ssds? cheap ones preferablly? i do have a 2tb hardrive for games but idk...
  17. Thanks man!! i really am excited especcially after hearing that from you!! appreciate it!
  18. Budget (including currency): $2000 (AUD) Country: Australia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming regularly, interested in starting twitch streaming, editing videos here and there specifications: this is a draft didnt actually buy any parts yet just want to clarify if im making the right choices or good choices at least ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ryzen 7 3700x ($519AUD)(going to be upgrading to the zen 3 processor when it comes out) Coo
  19. thanks! appreciate your help and thoughts! im thinking of sticking with the ryzen 7 for the general multitasking and maybe even streaming and youtube!
  20. i havent purchased anything yet thats more like a draft but do you think getting a new zen 3 ryzen thats coming out soon and a 3070 rtx would be good?
  21. here is the hardware im trying to power ryzen 7 3700x asus rog strix b550-f gigabyte 2070 super crucial ballistix rgb 16g ram coolermaster radiator liquid cooler 2tb harddrive and 240gb ssd im in Australia Victoria
  22. basically im looking for a powersupply that wont be bad pretty much, i dont want to be let down what do you guys think of these 2 power supplies in terms of price and effiecency? In Win PB 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply vs Deepcool 750 W 80+ Gold Certified ATX Power Supply