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  1. I also chose the 3800xt over 5800x based on the price point of 5800x. You might want to look into G7's flickering issue when using G-Sync. Still unresolved.
  2. Couldn't find a store that has switch testers for sale here. I just hope the showrooms that I'm visiting today will have a wide range of switches that I can actually test. Up until now I've made my decision based on specs and sound tests on YT.
  3. Believe me I was so confused by the names of some monitors. Ones with just a letter changed, trying to see what the difference is only to find out that one just doesn't have USB ports / DP 1.4 over 1.2 or something like that. Maybe I'll look some more into this mobo, the other option was ASUS TUF Gaming Plus. Can't find that G.Skill keyboard anywhere in Romania or other sites that ship here from the EU. I was also looking at the K70 because there's a Cherry Silent switches version but it's just so ugly (imo), especially the font on the keycaps. I pondered going for a ultrawide b
  4. The monitor is IPS. I especially searched for IPS monitors with DP 1.4, chose the LG 27GN850 but then found this one at a cheaper price. They use the same panel. I know the first MSI X570 boards were bad, but the Tomahawk came out a few months ago and according to reviews they did a great job this time (especially at this price point). That's exactly what I'm doing today: going to a showroom to try out keyboards, especially the switches. And also look at some monitors. I just hope they'll have a few that I had in my selection. Thanks!
  5. To that €380 you need to add taxes. The only store in Europe that has listings for the new CPUs put the 5800x at €520. Yeah I was also thinking on a HDD instead of the 860 Evo. Haven't decided yet.
  6. Bummer, I was thinking that reviewers would get them faster.
  7. The Corsair 850x was my first choice but I can't find it in any store in Romania. Same goes for the mobo. I might buy the mobo from caseking, in that case I'll be buying the Corsair PSU from them as well. When do you think the reviews for Zen 3 will start appearing?
  8. 32 RAM for video rendering and possibly 3D work in the future.
  9. I'm already over the initial budget and the 5800x would be ~150 euros more than the 3800xt. About 40% more.
  10. Budget (including currency): €2.8K Country: Romania Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: 1440p 144hz gaming and video rendering I'm planning on buying the parts for my first build in the next few days (all except GPU). I just wanted to post the parts to see if anyone sees something wrong with the choices as I just got into PC building. PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 7 3800XT 3.9 GHz 8-Core Processor €377.52
  11. I actually looked at WD Blue after I commented. That one would have been a better choice but I decided to go with a 1TB SATA SSD (Samsung 860 EVO) and remove the HDD cage from the case. A bit cheaper than the Black but I really don't think that I'll need more storage than that. And if I will I'll probably just get another SATA SSD.
  12. Budget: €2700 Country: Romania Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Most games (sweet spot of 1440p 144hz), Premiere, After Effects Hello, This will be my first PC build, until now I've used laptops and had no knowledge of how PCs work. I tried my best in researching but I would like some feedback on this draft. I'm looking to buy the parts in late October/November (waiting for Zen 3 and other possible new parts). I know a lot can change until then. The parts listed with 0 price are alternatives. I won't be buying spe