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  1. Yes, both in my PC (windows) and my server (unraid). I have network cards based on AQC107 chip. I think this is Windows related issue because ubuntu on my PC works fine - 9.9Gbps. I tried multiple streams -P 8 flag in iperf. Got 9.8Gbps. Very strange, why single stream is so slow?
  2. Seems that clean Windows installation will solve that. But in my case I can't reinstall it right now...
  3. Hello! I'm using SMB, it shows about 3.5-4Gbps. Iperf shows the same result. But if I'm load from ubuntu live CD, I will get 9.9Gbps in iperf. Seems Windows 10 issue. Source RAID1 of two NVMe samsung drives.
  4. Hello. I have installed a couple of NVMe drives for my cache, but I can't get stable 10Gbps network speeds. I'm using AQC107 network cards in my server and my PC, cat7 ethernet cable. Seems that issue is my Windows 10 instance. If I'm loading from ubuntu live cd on my PC, I'm getting 9.9Gbps. Under windows 10 I'm getting 3.5-4Gbps. What can I do to solve this? Clean install of Windows 10 is not an option right now unfortunately.