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  1. hi i lost my graphic card even to play old low end game, i need a card should i get old gen gpu or mining gpu? hd 7970 ghz edition = 56 usd (was used for normal gaming not mining) rx 570 = 90 usd (was used for mining, dont know how long) rx 580 = 95 usd (was used for mining about 1 year)
  2. i sprayed my gpu with contact cleaner it is very greasy, then i sprayed rubbing alcohol on it and rubbed with tissue but there are some parts that i cant rub with tissue , mainly behind its chip will the greasy part be dry?
  3. does anyone know how to connect stc 1000 thermostat controller to computer power supply? need power from psu or how to connect it to 24 pin atx psu board
  4. im sorry, does gtx 1050 ti have heatsink for vram?
  5. what does gtx 1050 ti brand have vram cooler?