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    Ma__ga got a reaction from A.Hruskach in Windows 10 duplicating drivers for same device across multiple usb ports   
    That's normal.
  2. Informative
    Ma__ga got a reaction from Nishyman in BSOD - Critical Process Died, Can't get into Windows   
    You could pass both test (SMART and short test) and have corruptest file system or damaged sectors, you need to look for "Reallocated sector count" "Uncorrectable sector count" "current pending sector count", any number higher than 0.
    For memory reseat the sticks, also it could be damaged by somethig, you could try Memtest86+ or Memtest86, 1 pass is enough for normal usage.
    As for the PSU, you need a sensor utilitie (HWinfo) and look for the rail (+12 +5 +3) values in real time, idle and load (OCCT), a multimeter could be usefull too.
  3. Agree
    Ma__ga got a reaction from Panoramix97 in 1080p or 1440p with a catch ...   
    I would pick the 1440p@75hz, I play a lot but also work/read/series/movies a lot, I like the bigger resolution so i can put excel + firefox side by side, or CorelDraw + Firerox PiP, etc.
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    Ma__ga got a reaction from Rybo in Need a friend who talks about computers   
    You might want to read this little piece of advice by Mike Rowe, the full thing it's better (just replace man to friend 😅)
    A Fan Asks Mike Rowe For Career Advice