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  1. it seem that's your monitor is damaged, you need to replace the panel.
  2. You could pass both test (SMART and short test) and have corruptest file system or damaged sectors, you need to look for "Reallocated sector count" "Uncorrectable sector count" "current pending sector count", any number higher than 0. For memory reseat the sticks, also it could be damaged by somethig, you could try Memtest86+ or Memtest86, 1 pass is enough for normal usage. As for the PSU, you need a sensor utilitie (HWinfo) and look for the rail (+12 +5 +3) values in real time, idle and load (OCCT), a multimeter could be usefull too.
  3. Use CrystalDiskInfo to check the health of the drive, it could have damaged sector and/or file system corruption. It also appear you have more problems than that, is your memory ok? is your PSU ok?
  4. It's auto now. to keep in mind, network activity isn't taken into consideration for the "sleep timer", so if nobody is using the other PC it might en up sleeping and you without internet, disable sleep on the PC with the wifi might be necesary.
  5. I think the PSU might be under power/quality, A clean version of windows is recommended, since you did some migrations that aren't considered "good health" for a OS. Things you can do: - Install Windows, clean. - Look (physical) for blown capacitor on the motherboard - Download HWinfo (for the rails voltaje) and OCCT (for CPU/VRAM/PSU testing), - Memtest86(+) for memory testing (only two I trust), - Uninstall AVG and go for avira, bit defender o windows defender, - Update BIOS - Update Drivers (Snappy Driver Installer, driver easy, etc) - Cle
  6. I would pick the 1440p@75hz, I play a lot but also work/read/series/movies a lot, I like the bigger resolution so i can put excel + firefox side by side, or CorelDraw + Firerox PiP, etc.
  7. From AMD you could get 8gb of vram, great for projects or NVIDIA for stability/compatibility, the programs to use should define what GPU you get.
  8. Nice build from mahyar, just a note, if you are going to do 3D stuff (3DMAX, AutoCAD, Sketchup, Solidworks) you might want to get an nvidia gpu. and remember to pick a good PSU PSU Tier List 4.0 rev. 14.4
  9. The GTX 2070 super it's not a bad graphics, and you are not going to get you money back (full at least), enjoy your nice card , you could always sell it in 6-8 month with the same price as if you were going to sell it now, also the stock on the serie 3000 it's pretty bad right now.
  10. You are probably better with a new system (if you can), the things you can reuse are HDD/SSD/GPU/CASE, I wouldn't reuse the PSU, and the others things are incompatible. If you still want to use the same system you could try to upgrade the GPU to a GTX 1050 (assuming your current PSU is up to spec) and then a CPU for better performance, or could try to side-upgrade (16gb ram, SATA SSD, Monitor, K&M)
  11. The power consumption on the 1030 is around 120w and for the 2060 is 180w (while gaming), so yes it could be the PSU. Try to use HWInfo and the +12v on the sensors. And the PSU Tier List 4.0 rev. 14.4 if you going to buy another one. Double check if you installed the new card correctly (well sit, GPU external conector) and check if the memories are well seated too.
  12. Wonder why are you using the drivers on the CD since most of the time those drivers are outdated (even on release), you could try the official website or try your luck with one of the programs that update drivers (Snappy Driver Installer, driver booster, driver easy, etc)
  13. Maybe cable management and 1 or 2 fans if possible, I wouldn't do anymore spending.
  14. Disconnect all and try 1 at a time, also, try crystaldiskinfo and/or SSD-Z to check on the health of the SSD.
  15. Can you share the specs of your system? Also the type of work you do. I don't think the memory speed is going to make that much of a difference, the amount (if don't have enough) could do a difference, but mostly where do you have your OS installed (NVMe > SSD > HDD) and programs.
  16. From $ 2,900 to $ 3,600 and out of stock.
  17. I hope the Core Reactor get stock soon, the RX 580 i already have it brand new, but not using it, a friend have a 2080 and planning to move to the 3000 series, so i might not use the RX 580 on my pc. About the failing PSU, since March(?) i been having sudden restart, first once a month, then once every 15 days, then sooner and sooner, it was kind of random (wasn't paying attention), until i start playing Horizon Dawn Zero that the reboot & crash to desktop become very often. About two weeks ago the PSU sometimes start doing this weird high pitch noise (like wine coil, but loude
  18. Let's see.. It's the PC on? it's the monitor on? it's the signal input on auto? Set signal input to [DP] or [HDMI] Try the monitor on another source (iGPU, Console, Laptop)
  19. ouch! among us seem to be pretty popular these days and doesn't require a gpu
  20. it's past midnight here, I'm trying to make a Windows 10 2004 x64 slim to install it on laptop with an eMMc with 32g. What are you doing?