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  1. So the 860 Evo is a SATA ssd and the WD black is an NVMe ssd so I would have chose the WD black sn750 as NVMe is much faster than SATA.
  2. It is a good ssd but it is a bit more expensive then an NVMe ssd bye say crucial or kingston. So if you are on a budget then use something like the Western Digital WD Blue SN550 or Western Digital WD BLACK SN750. But it depends on what you like.
  3. Yes you can get adapters. But I would not use it as storage for a OS.
  4. Firstly ask yourself do I really need a WIFI motherboard? If yes then it is ok if no then go with a regular B550 Mobo. and as for the GPU you can go with something like the rx590 or gtx 1660 super but if you want it to be a bit "Future Proof" the you can buy a RTX card. Also 750 watts is a bit overkill if you ask me you can buy a 600w PSU maybe.
  5. Check if your graphics card's power cable is connected properly. and if that doesnt help try re-seating your GPU.
  6. So I was trying to find out how to make calls from my pc without an actual phone but I didn't get much info. (Skype calling does not work here)
  7. LOL no I wasn't I just saw how many people said yes. You could say I got my answer
  8. As we all know AMD has almost beaten Intel so do you think AMD will buy intel?
  9. This depends on what graphics card, example you use if you are using a graphics card like an RTX card you might want to consider getting a higher refresh rate monitor. Linus' Video about refresh rates.
  10. So im planning to buy either a R5 3600 or a R5 1600 and I wanted to know if the stock coolers with them are enough for gaming and light video editing etc.(Btw im not planning to overclock)
  11. thanks but the rx 580 is cheaper where i live for about 170$ the GTX 1660 is 240$ and the super variant is 289$