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  1. yeah I'm currently selling my RX 580 8GB and one of the guy bidded like $411 USD
  2. I think he want to sell it, I'd do the same. VEGA cards is crazy expensive these days for some reason
  3. I hope not, I'm currently planning to get a RTX 3060 and then get a Zen3+ as last hoorah of AM4 later
  4. so recently i send in my Asus Dual RX 580 4GB back to Asus for RMA and it cam back as 8GB version (Neat) but when I installed it on my upgraded system (Now Ryzen 3 3300X, MSI B550 Tomahawk, Seasonic Focus GX850) it went black screen, I have to completely cut the power to get it to display, when i just pressed the reset buton the motherboard's debug LED will stop at VGA i already send in for another RMA again (in less than a week lol) but could it be some other parts is broken? (I haven't updated my build list and signature yet so ask me if you want to know all the spec)
  5. I bought an Audio-Technica M20X Headphones and an AVerMedia AM310 Microphone, both working amazingly
  6. 760 outperform 3400G's iGPU but with much much higher power consumtion, I personally would just use that 3400G
  7. Watch out with your use of words, or else Nvidia might ban you until your editorial direction changes
  8. i checked your spec list in your profile, I would upgrade that R9 Nano to something more modern like modern mid tier GPU at MSRP prices(yes I know scalpers and stuff but one day it will reach there; or maybe you can use that money to treat yourself with a high performance wireless mouse or maybe a low latency wireless gaming headset
  9. there's no need, your 6700 is still very capable, and for the most majority of games 4C8T is enough
  10. yeah I know that, I'm just saying that OP can eventually upgrade to something in same weight class in the future without seeing too much CPU bottleneck
  11. Ryzen 3 3100 is very capable; I would pair it up to RTX 2060 or something in similar weight class
  12. cool, let me just slap 5x 200MM noctua fan on it and we are all set
  13. i see, thanks for pointing out. I don't watch Vtuber so all i know has been transcribed by my friends who watch them so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. none of the point you listed is valid the reason they hate vtuber is because when of the the vtuber is viewing top donation list, Taiwanese flag appeared yep literally that that is what my friend told me
  15. 1. open google images 2. type the topic you like 3. add a Wallpaper behind what you just typed 4. profit
  16. i was able to achieve this with a Asus Dual RX 580 O4G with temp in fire strike about 70 degrees
  17. Ducky Zero 3108 Cherry MX Red and Logitech G603, the desk mat is given away if you buy Logitech product
  18. I'm still using my RX 580 and for the game i play it worked very fine
  19. Don't get SCAMMED when you buy an SSD - WAN Show December 4, 2020 - YouTube I'm watching today's wan show now
  20. tbh i would eat it if it will be cheaper than normal chicken we all gonna die one day, nothing matters after you die anyway