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  1. I think this old printer I have is about 10 years old...sounds like they haven't bothered changing the standard in awhile because my wifes new printer came out in the last year or so.
  2. I just checked another printer I have connected to my PC (even though it's wifi capable) It doesn't look to be permanently attached. Looks like I can just steal this one to use for her computer/printer and yes, it's like a light brown color. It's been years since I've even looked at this cable so I forgot. Thanks for your help
  3. I'll see if I can find one in my pile of computer junk...LOL I don't remember ever seeing a USB cable like this, so I doubt I have one.
  4. It looks like this may be a fairly generic USB cable that maybe is standard to printers? At least I've never seen it before...
  5. Sounds good. You could get a higher end GPU if you plan on upgrading in the near future, but if your CPU is maxed out, I'm afraid a higher end GPU won't improve your frame rates. Your CPU 'feeds' the data to your GPU to process, so that would be your limit.
  6. I should have mentioned that it's a custom USB plug...it has the standard USB plug on one end and a square plug on the other...
  7. We purchased this printer last weekend at wal-mart for $24, so honestly I can't complain too much. My wife needed a cheap printer for occasionally printing coupons, recipes, etc...she doesn't use it more than once or twice a week. However, the printer has an 'auto-shutoff' feature that apparently HP doesn't allow users to turn off. Typically, you should be able to push the power button and go about your business. However, the power button seems to do nothing. You physically have to unplug the power and plug it back in to turn it back on. Even after all of that, it takes quite a bit
  8. If money is an issue, I'd personally go with the 2600. It depends on whether or not you believe a slight single performance core increase is worth the $30. To me, it's not. You can probably overclock a 2600 and meet or exceed a stock 3100 performance.
  9. A RX 570/580 would be fine but you'd probably be near the limit of your CPU. I'd go for a 580, unless you're strapped for cash though.
  10. I believe a 3100 single core performance is slightly better than a 1600AF, but they are very similar in performance. It really depends on how the application utilizes the cores.
  11. The overly simply explanation is each state has a designated number of electors (which is dependent on the states population) so, states like California will have several more electors (or representation) than, say Utah. The people vote for these electors who essentially promise to vote for their presidential candidate. Whichever presidential candidate reaches (or exceeds 270) electors is therefore elected president. It gets more complicated in certain states that can have split electors, but it's rare that they actually affect an election. America's founding fathers warned against a direct de
  12. Yeah...until we get more info on 'how' they aren't running right, there's no telling what the OP is looking for...
  13. I received the very same error a few nights ago...however, in my case it was literally every 10 minutes or whenever the CPU/GPU had any type of load. I formatted the drives, reinstalled Windows and so far, after 2 days no more errors. I think it has to do with either a Windows update or installing the AMD chipset drivers.
  14. userbenchmark can be horrifically inaccurate. I wouldn't lose sleep over the results.
  15. It's easy to fall into this 'trap' (for lack of a better word...I've been up most of the night with the election) and obsessing over why your benchmark score is x number of points lower than it 'should' be... I used to fret over benchmark tests, but quickly realized that it is no fun losing sleep over such silliness unless you're in a build competition or something.