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  1. hey folks, i have been using a CX600 (bought in January 2015) to power my i5 4690k 4,7ghz 1,37V and gtx 1080 ti overclocked and i am trying to find an affordable psu to replace it once it seizes working, since i have been stressing it quite heavily considering my gtx 1080 ti draws probably like 250w and my oc'd i5 about 170W. what do you think about the enermax maxpro 700W 80+, its one of the best rated budget psus on amazon.de thanks for the help !
  2. hey folks, I am considering getting a new cpu ,mobo and ram and i wanted to know if it was possible to get a single 16gb DDR4 dimm and run the pc with that one? and dont ask why pls thanks for the help! PS: which of these would be better for i7 10700k?
  3. when BF V came out and i found out most maps wont run at 60fps most of the time i switched back to BF3 and BF 4, BF1 also didnt run, now with more tweaking and overclocking my cpu at questionable Voltages i can pull of some maps in BF1 and BF V, especially if its only 32 players like TDM. if you are going to replace your cpu then see if you can find someone to sell it to, then it might be worth it
  4. if a game dev cant make a game run on a 220 bucks cpu from 2 years ago the game shouldnt even be released
  5. bs, i have an i5 4690k 4,7ghz and most games run consistently above 60fps, its really just a handful of games that bottleneck, like BF V, but there it depends on the map and how much stuff you got in the background, in r6s i get 160fps avg on some maps with gtx 1080 ti and 1440p you know he can just get the better gpu and then decide whether he needs a better cpu
  6. r6 i used to play 60fps 1440p with a gtx 970 and your card is much better, and league of legends runs fine on any gaming hardware from the last 10 years, with the other games i cant tell
  7. honestly why not just get an i7 10700k? the ryzen isnt even definitevely better in all games or often within margin of error and i7 can do more rendering, why not just get the i7? Worst case scenario you would get like 10fps less in games that already run at over 200fps
  8. depends on the game and what settings you want to use
  9. thanks the deepcool is really affordable, what are the drawbacks at that attractive price point?
  10. i would order from amazon.de, p500a isnt available, meshify s2 too expensive
  11. Hey folks! I just wanted to know if there is a sub 100€ ATX pc case that supports a top mounted 280mm AiO as an exhaust config? thanks in advance!