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  1. I think I would use the HUB to be safe, DeepCool FH4 is good? because the Arctict P12 uses .8 AMP
  2. I did more research so the HUB fan can't read all RPM only can read one, homewer, the most important is I found that my mobo can supports 12 V, and is a VCC and in the manual says that it can't handle jumpers
  3. So should I get the HUB fan to see all the RPM reported? Btw, seems like here in my region the arctic p14 are no avaliable (Ps, my motherboard is a b85m-ds3h-a from Gigabyte)
  4. Hi, I am new in this forum, I want to add my case 3 fans but I am not sure if they will control their speed because I will use a fan splitter (because I only have 1 system-fan), is a good idea use the fan splitter or should I get a hub fan controller (wich one?)? (Btw, the fans might be some Arctic F14/ Coolermaster sickflow 12blue or Noctua NF-P12 redux because my budget is like 40-50 usd) (Sorry for my grammar)