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  1. i'll get him a proper cooler soon but I want to know if these temperatures are "safe". my sister's gaming laptop from acer has worse temperatures and it's relatively new so should i stop worrying about his temps in the meantime?
  2. my little brother was asking for a gaming pc and i had an old fm2 motherboard from my previous computer. we were thinking of getting him a ryzen cpu but i suggested to settle for the old fm2 motherboard for now considering the only game he plays is roblox and minecraft. so using my fm2 board i paired it with an A8-7680 I got for $20 online which he's using as a placeholder for a ryzen cpu with a GTX 1650 (the gpu is a bit overkill for this apu but i bought it because he's getting a ryzen cpu in the future as i mentioned before, and yes i could have gotten an rx 570 but that's more expensive in