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    DrMadFellow reacted to JonoT in The subtitles on the videos are really inaccurate.   
    Hi @DrMadFellow
    Ah ok, previous videos! Yes no worries, it's something that we're continually trying to take a look at which older videos we'll captioning, but the plan is to get it all done but just a lot of work! 
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    DrMadFellow got a reaction from Velcade in The subtitles on the videos are really inaccurate.   
    I am quite hard of hearing, wear hearing aids in my daily and am pretty proficient at lip reading irl. I depend quite heavily on subtitles for context of what I miss in videos. And I LOVE LTT, but the subtitles are hot garbage. Is there some way to improve them? I’m not very versed in YouTube. Maybe LMG could spend a little of their budget on a proper captions service? I’d even be fine if it took a few days after a vid is released. Thanks for “hearing” me out.
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    DrMadFellow reacted to lambrosgg in Don't worry Linus, I am sure nvidia's CEO won't be mad at you...   
    ... Since you made that nice 8k video for him, a day before the review embargo lifted. To be clear: the timing of the video is the issue and not the video itself.
    As I am sure you already know, being "first" on the internet is what matters. The marketing people who offered you that sponsorship know it as well: The "first" coverage of the new thing that everyone is talking about, is what gets the most attention. By accepting that early-and-controlled "coverage" you are screwing both your viewers, by creating false hype and your colleagues, who weren't offered (or declined?) the deal and now have to be "second in line" when the embargo lifts, and fight for the remaining views in the review chaos.
    You, and all the other media outlets, should at some point learn to say "no" to these kind of offers: Say NO to "review guides" asking you to test CPUs at 4k (1st gen ryzen launch) Say NO to early "unboxing" embargoes creating hype for free, say NO to early controlled "first looks" (digital foundry-3080), and ABSOLUTELY say NO to basically posting an ad with BS marketing claims a day before the review embargo. Its no secret that youtubers and media outlets talk to each other behind the scenes, is it so hard to make an agreement to collectively say NO to these kind of offers? If you all decline them for long enough, they will eventually stop asking. If they go to the smaller channels, you have the viewership and power to "cancel" them by exposing what they do and call your viewers to "stick with your channel instead, for coverage with integrity and not ads"

    If that "8k video" was released the day AFTER the review, it wouldn't be a problem. Your colleagues would have a fair chance on those "first" views on youtube and your viewers would already have watched the review and see through the BS. But of course nvidia wouldn't have paid for THAT...
    If you believe that being critical on your 3090 review and having such a spicy title somehow makes it right about what you did the day before, you are wrong. Yesterday, you were just an a-hole, who took money over integrity and respect from viewers and colleagues. Today, you just did your job as a media outlet with an honest review. And you got paid for that honest job with sponsorships, adsense, merch etc, its not like you did us a favor or something. At this point I want to thank you for at least disclosing the sponsorship, unlike MKBHD who made pretty much the exact same video at the exact same time, but somehow wasn't sponsored... Sure buddy.
    But obviously I am the minority, since people liked the 8k videos and also like all the "hype-unbox, first look, hands on but NOT turning on the buggy OS Surface phone" type of videos.
    I take my part of the blame as a viewer for slowly turning the tech media coverage into a telemarketing show for the companies. I admit I have been hyped before from unboxing videos, but Steve from GN showed me how I was actually baited and I was shocked I didn't even realize it on my own at the time. Now I know better... You should also take your part of the blame, and decide if you are going to protect us from the BS, or keep going where the industry (unfortunately) goes... Cheers.
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    DrMadFellow reacted to Pancake in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    Just finished making this room. 10 x Ethernet drops, 2 x LC/OM3 Fiber and 2 dedicated UPS circuits (UPS is in my server closet)

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    DrMadFellow reacted to Kilrah in Show off your old and retro computer parts   
    My 22 year old G3 says yes.
    Finally got it fully as I wanted with triple boot OS 9.2.2 / OSX 10.3.8 / Debian 8


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    DrMadFellow reacted to 3nt0 in Show off your old and retro computer parts   
    My wall of (mostly) old tech (partially inspired by the motherboard wall in Linus' old office):

    The oldest thing on there - a motherboard from 1984 from an IBM PCXT, which used to house an Intel 8088:

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    DrMadFellow got a reaction from Letgomyleghoe. in flammable air?   
    Fun story, I once used compressed air on a projector that had been running hot for like 6 hours. I created a giant flame ball that blew out the projector lamp.