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  1. Thanks for replying! Right now I am restricted to using my phone so it’s hard for me to compile a list of examples, but a great direct example is scrapyard wars 5. The parts they talk about in that video are often replaced with words that just don’t relate to what they are talking about. It’s not impossible to fill in the blanks myself but it’s still not ideal. It was pointed out to me that their are videos which have a proper caption applied to them (the cc logo) and I’ve not encountered any issues with those.
  2. Oh! I hadn’t noticed the little cc icon under videos. That’s helpful. Thank you.
  3. I’m actually quite impressed at the accuracy then if they are auto generated. I mean they seem to be about 80% right most of the time. But they struggle with brand names and tech code names and the like, which is problematic on a channel that focuses on these things.
  4. Fun story, I once used compressed air on a projector that had been running hot for like 6 hours. I created a giant flame ball that blew out the projector lamp.
  5. I am quite hard of hearing, wear hearing aids in my daily and am pretty proficient at lip reading irl. I depend quite heavily on subtitles for context of what I miss in videos. And I LOVE LTT, but the subtitles are hot garbage. Is there some way to improve them? I’m not very versed in YouTube. Maybe LMG could spend a little of their budget on a proper captions service? I’d even be fine if it took a few days after a vid is released. Thanks for “hearing” me out.