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  1. Unfortunately this is probably the worst time in history to be buying a GPU. I saw an article a day or two ago with Nvidia mentioning they are moving volumes more then 2X what they did for the previous card launch. They also confirmed the stock problems don't appear to be entirely due to miners either. My honest speculation is the scalping problem is actually worse then most people think it is. I think its going to stay this way until GPU manufacturers are finally able to flood the market with enough GPU's to saturate the scalpers inventory capacity. They are all ramping production
  2. I do hear you. I had an IT career in my 20's doing field service work and after almost a decade of playing the bi-annual layoff whoever was at the top of the pay tier brackets I had enough and moved over to the defense sector. I mainly push paper for large IT defense projects now but its 9-5, pays well and has excellent job security and benefits. Sucks because I don't get to play with any gear anymore but the tradeoffs overall have been worth it. Long answer short, don't pigeon hole yourself into a career field that is not playing out for you.
  3. Yup, specs say 3200mhz at 1.2V so if bumping the voltage a little does not work I'd return it.
  4. Its a bit high, though it could depend on your room temperature as well. If the room you are running this in is warm the CPU cooler is only going to be able to do so much. I have a 3900X under a Noctua cooler and my idle temps are around 38-41c right now.
  5. I know my sticks need 1.35V for 3200mhz. Do you have a specific model number for these sticks because that 1.2V sounds odd?
  6. I was running into the same issue. I have an old Intel Xeon E5-2690v2 I want to upgrade and replace with a Ryzen APU but trying to find a Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G is just a huge pain in the ass right now. Sellers in China want over $500 for one. I've decided to put the project on hold and just stick with the older Xeon until the CPU market stabilizes back out.
  7. I suspect this will depend on the manufacturer and the specific fan. I have an Asrock X570M Pro4 and I honestly can't hear the fan at all even with the case open. The Noctua fans on my CPU are louder and they are pretty quiet themselves.
  8. How does running a VM protect his LAN hardware?
  9. I said to port forward. VLAN's are useful for isolating separate networks behind your router but you require some decent networking gear for that. Yes, most commercial routers can block DOS attacks if we are talking about a single source like a random idiot on the net. No it won't block a botnet attack or something of that scale.
  10. What you are sort of talking about is VLAN's but its not overly likely you have the networking hardware for that. You can isolate with separate subnets but that will require logically separated VLANs or physically separated network hardware. My usual recommendation is to lockdown and harden the exposed server and just port forward the specific game/application ports you have clients connecting. If the Rust server is running on a Windows box lock out the admin account completely or make sure remote access is disabled. Install the Windows version of IPban and set it to lo
  11. Generally speaking I don't recommend VPN's for public facing game servers. Its just going to create a huge headache and if you are using the router provided one you are letting people past the router firewall and onto your LAN. Your public WAN IP is assigned to your router not your PC, your PC will have a LAN IP assigned to it by your router. Your WAN IP is assigned by your ISP and anything connecting to a box on your network will see your WAN IP, its largely unavoidable. You want to go into your router settings and port forward the specific ports you are us
  12. DDR4 memory is available almost everywhere. https://www.amazon.ca/G-SKILL-Ripjaws-PC4-25600-3200MHz-F4-3200C16D-16GVKB/dp/B015FXXBW0/ref=pd_sbs_147_3/136-6508710-4475406?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B015FXXBW0&pd_rd_r=2babf7d5-1a41-4f1e-b74f-09cc2309ae0d&pd_rd_w=Nc9Xj&pd_rd_wg=KrDJF&pf_rd_p=ba284f11-925a-4926-8142-0043fa482b41&pf_rd_r=5PGE61JSVJNW1JT4JRD3&psc=1&refRID=5PGE61JSVJNW1JT4JRD3
  13. That is an OEM server board so you may very have bios issues if you drop an out of spec processor into it. Those types of boards would be a lot more temperamental about what you are socketing then a retail board. If its part of the existing supported processor family it may work but there would be no guarantees.
  14. So in terms of just performance AMD and Intel are pretty tight in single threaded apps, though AMD now definitely has a bit of a lead. AMD is completely in the lead on multicore performance. I flipped over to AMD with Ryzen 3000 series after being with Intel for something like 10+ years and I honestly could not think of a single reason I'd personally buy an Intel CPU right now. That said some people obviously still like them so they might be able to explain the reasons for buying one better then I can. The one thing to keep in mind will be stock, AMD chips are really ho
  15. You need some method to connect to the server. Either some type of internet connection or a direct connection either wireless, wired. You can use dial-up for remote network management via a modem as well. You can use wi-fi without an internet connection as well.