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  1. I can't speak to their entire business profile, but I remember hearing that for a long time software strategy was to prioritize sales of Office. It didn't matter if you were running Windows or Mac OS, because at the end of the day, you bought the office suite from them. With all the "Xbox exclusives" also coming to PC, I think they don't care what machine you buy, as long as you buy their games, or game pass from them.
  2. I never understand the argument about not being able to charge and plug in headphones simultaneously. That just sounds cumbersome, literally being attached to a device that is also attached to the wall.
  3. It can still play the games, just in the same way the Xbox One S would play them.
  4. When you factor in the cost of Gamepass Ultimate (if you're paying regular price) both options actually offer a discount, no interest. $58.76 less for the Series S, and $18.76 for the Series X.
  5. Ok, so I've added Gamepass Ultimate (Gold+Gamepass together) with the console as an option, but for both All Access ends up being cheaper than that option for all the same stuff. I'll also add vanilla Gamepass with no online play so all options are covered.
  6. I've seen a lot of rumors to this effect, but no official announcement. I'd be happy to change the document if there's been an announcement of either.
  7. I've been a bit frustrated by all the confusion in cost comparison in discussions, especially in the recent WAN show discussion where I felt like PS Plus, PS Now, Xbox Live Gold, and Game Pass were all being thrown around interchangeably. So I decided to sit down and chart out the 2 year cost of all the ways you can get a next-gen console this year. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EZqoQ54itL2wwmZpXoPYRYeka3xSpEXk9V2oTes42Og/edit?usp=sharing A few notes: I've sorted the chart by total cost low to high over 2 years. For online play (Xbox Live Gold and PlaySta