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  1. This is exactly what im currently going through. Ive tested this: fortnite runs 100+, minecraft 100+, cs 80+ on SOME maps, mw multiplayer 60ish. In menu in cs, 400+, in game 70ish and WILL dip to like 40. mw warzone 30>. All these games ran perfectly fine before. Idk why a $500 machine is doing this
  2. Its kinda fluctuating but basically capped. Like if i look at a wall in cod, ill get 40ish fps, csgo ill get like 80ish. Its not a bottleneck on hardware bc ive played the game with MUCH higher fps
  3. Also tried this. Unplugged from the gpu for a few seconds then reinserted. Nothing
  4. Sadly yes, in my panel, refresh rate is unlim, vsync is off, all drivers are updated. I literally reinstalled windows last night with no help. Its only in game when it bottlenecks. Loading screen is fine but once in game it just caps
  5. I did. It ran fine then bad on the same driver. I updated yesterday thinking it would fix it. No difference
  6. Oh i apologize. Yes both games have FPS set to unlimited as it always has been set to. Last time i played, i got 90+ in cod, 100+ cs
  7. PC: Ryzen 5 1600x 16gb 3200 ram gtx 1070 Im now worried on the pc. Its been good to me in terms of hardware. I have a 144hz monitor to it as well. Im up to date on windows and my geforce drivers. I havnt played a lot of cod or csgo but i had a friend as me to play and i loaded the games, both super fine in menu. Cod= 140+fps CSGO=400+ fps. The issue starts when in game. 30 in cod, 60 in csgo. EVERYTHING tuned down even though i can play higher. Still the same. Vsync is off, fps is maxed. Everything the way i had it before i stopped. poking online im told to