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  1. Okay thanks, but how would a USB hub fix the problem? Wouldn't I have to plug the USB hub into a USB port and wouldn't that cause the same problem? Also any ideas why this would start happening all of a sudden? I don't want to have to buy anything if not necessary. Edit: I see, the key word is powered.
  2. Problem continued after disconnecting it though
  3. I’ve used the guitar hero controller a bunch of times before and this is the first time it’s happened, also even after I unplugged the guitar, sometimes there wasn’t enough power for my keyboard, headset, and mouse. I will try again though. Also how can you be sure it’s not a PSU problem?
  4. Let me start this off by saying I’m not 100% sure if this is the right place to post this because I’m not completely sure what the problem is. So earlier today, I was playing guitar hero (important because i had an extra usb device plugged in), and randomly my mouse stops working. I didn’t think much of it and restarted my pc and when I tried to play again, this happened (screenshot). This happened a few hours ago, I tried to unplug and replug in the cables from the front usb ports into the motherboard, and it didn’t fix anything. I also got this message after booting that said som
  5. So I did a few benchmarks on userbenchmark.com, and every time, I got a very low percentile for my MSI RX 580 Armor 4GB OC I did 4 tests, and got 4th percentile, then 7th percentile, then 4th percentile, then 4th again after restarting my pc, and then I updated my AMD drivers and got 23rd percentile. This is a big improvement but still not great. After this I went to afterburner and overclocked from 1366 MHz to 1378MHz and somehow the percentile went back down to 4 Anyone have any ideas what the problem is? 23% benchmark after installing drivers https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun