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  1. What advantages does Samsung have over TSMC on their 8nm manufacturing process other then the fact that TSMC is at maximum capacity? How factual that Nvidia's future RTX 30 series lineup refresh would be manufactured by TSMC instead of Samsung?
  2. Hey all, as an owner of a 32:9 monitor setup (and possibly 48:9 in the future), I noticed that with NVENC, H.264 recordings would not run, forcing me to encode in HEVC, which NVENC on the 2070S is not capable of encoding in such high resolution. Here's some information I've gathered so far: NVENC H.264 - Maximum resolution supported - 4096x4096 NVENC HEVC - Maximum resolution supported - 8192x8192 My setup: Ryzen 7 3700X 2070 Super 32GB 3000MHz Current resolution: 5120x1440 (2 1440p monitors); Planning to upgrade to 7680x1440 (3 1440p monitors)