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  1. Heyyy i need your advice guys. I currently have asus pg278q. However, I have the option of selling it for 255$/210 euro and i have idea (i dont know if its a good idea tho) to replace it with another 2560x1440 monitor but a new one (this asus is pretty old 4-5 years) and get the new one with ips panel? Sure i will need to add some more money to the new one but if its worth to switch from tn panel to a new one with ips panel? Its just only for gaming, and mostly for the single player games. My possible candidates. Acer Nitro VG270UPBMIIPX - 320e Acer Nitro VG2
  2. Hey guys, Quick question. Aorus or msi trio. Right now i have in my pc trio, and its work great. I didint overclocked it, coil whine almost no exist. Im really happy with that card, but today i also received aorus master. I havent connected to pc yet. Both card have similar price. Not sure tho which one i should keep tbh.. There are any reviews/test head to head?
  3. Umm okay? I dont quite understand what you talking about frequency 3466/3600mhz :D. What no guarantee? I will just pick XMP profile for viper 3733mhz cl17 and thats all. So its worth to upgrade for that money (20$)?
  4. Hey. Right now i own corsair vengeance 3000mhz cl 15. Its even worth to consider change them on new Patriot Viper 4 3733mhz cl 17? This swap would cost me about 20$. I dont really want to overclocking ram. Dont have time for test stability.. My rig msi z490 gaming edge wifi i7 10700k oc to 5.0/noctua dh15. rtx 3080.
  5. Oh god, so hdd will be faster than my sata ssd with reads. So i assume it will be better to install games on hdd with optane than on ssd.. I will get this optane tommorow, thanks.
  6. Hello, Intel optane 16 gb is still worth? Right now i own 2tb hdd for some games (also own 2 small ssd) and i have chance to buy optane 16 gb for 5 euro. Ive seen the tests on the internet and optane looks cool, but all of this test are old (2017-2019). Seems like optane is not popular why? Its still worth to get one for that price? I want to use it with my msi z490 gaming edge motherboard.
  7. Hello guys, What do I think about buying a samsung 980 pro 250 gb for the system/some necessary programs and samsung 970 evo plus just only for games? Its even worth pay more for faster ssd for system? I will even feel any difference? Right now i have i7 10700k (gonna upgrade asap for rocket lake) and mobo msi z490 gaming edge so right now i wont have any benefits from pcie 4.0 but in the future? Also i have right now 1 ssd on sata 250 gb and hdd 2tb.
  8. Hey, I just sold my i7 7700k. Now I need a new motherboard up to 270$. It would be good if new mobo support Oc and has Wifi adapter (not nessesary tho) Any pretty decent propositions?
  9. Hi. I have dilemma. Do you think it's worth replacing the i7 7700k with the i9-10900? I can sell my i7 7700k + Msi z270 gaming m7 for 310$. The price of the i9 10900k processor here is 545$ + some 240$ for motherboard. Do you think such an upgrade is worth it? Generally, I was planning to hold the i7 until the alder lake launch (even if I buy the i9, I would still like to exchange it for alder lake later) but the situation has changed due to the fact that I bought the rtx 3080 today. I also have a 2560x1440 monitor. Any advice what should I do? Better to replace now or wait for the alder lake?