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  1. well idk take a look my laptop has a realtek chip btw. also i installed the hd realtek audio driver, why dont i see it
  2. so i just reset my pc yesterday due to some malware, audio was fine tho, now when it got reset the audio was fine too but now when i installed the realtec driver the audio became dogwater. how can i fix this?
  3. just now removed my undervolt and i see its almost exact same temps and fps... do u think the undervolt might not be active ??
  4. idk , i havent cleaned it in a year or 2 but i really dont think that this is whats causing the bad fps
  5. idk what dust buildup is but the specs are i7 8th gen , gtx 1060 , 16 gb ram. it really souldnt run 40 fps on gta and watch dogs... use to hit 120+ fps on fortnite high settings and now cant even hit 100 on medium.
  6. Hi . i have recently tried to play some games that i played half a year ago , like gta v , watch dogs , fortnite . but the fps just became so weird , i remember running it smooth a while ago but now it just doesnt seem to work. idk why my undervolt suddenly stopped working good . cause it was perfect till now. but now my pc still hits 90 degrees . i also see the cpu core clock is dropping very often to 1900 or lower . when trying to lower the undervolt it still doesnt help at all.
  7. is ur cpu temp locked on 67 ??? cause i had the same thing on my gpu which caused fps drops . try doing a research on google on how to remove it
  8. idk nothing at all changed . i was just watching a twitch stream normally and it disconnected , wont connect again. also when i tried using windscribe it gave me this error if that helps :
  9. A. ye i restarted my pc and router like 5 times . B. i didnt install or run anything new it just suddenly stopped working C. i did reinstall the vpns + i only used one but tested the other 2 only to see if they work
  10. i used nord vpn , proton vpn , windscirbe vpn. ( btw when turning windsciribe on sleath mode it worked but too slow so i cant use it )
  11. My vpn just suddenly stopped working yesterday. i have 0 clue why . it just stopped and wont connect . i tried 3 different vpns and they all wont work. i tried using my phone hotspot and suddenly it works . can someone help me ?
  12. but what should i search google for ?? "how to fix gpu _____ drops "
  13. my fps is already capped , and my settings are medium , ok the problem isnt the usage its the drops in the mv clock , do u have in mind a possible fix ?