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  1. cause i live in country wich electricity is very expensive
  2. ok what is the best way to measure my pc power drain
  3. here is my pc build 1-ryzen 3 3200g 2-corsair vengeance lpx 8gb 3000mhz 3-asrock b450m pro4 motherboard 4-120gb bx500 crucial-200 I want to know wich one of these is the best gpu of these in the video or any gpu in range of 200 dollar. the gtx 1650 super in the video is 180 us dollar the rx 580 8gb in the video is 190 us dollar the rx 5500xt 4gb in the video is 190 us dollar SVID_20201107_165207_1.mp4
  4. wait until when? is any company going to announce a budget gpu soon?
  5. I don't want just from these gpus any gpu in range of 220 dollar maximum
  6. i want to know wich one of these is the best (or any other gpu in range of 200 dollar ) : 1-gtx 980 2-gtx 1050ti 3-rx 580 8 gb or 4gb 4-rx 5500xt 8gb or 4gb 5-gtx 1650 super 6-rx 570 8gb or 4gb my build : 1-ryzen 3 3200g 2-asrock b450m pro4 3-240 gb crucial bx500 ssd, 200gb hdd, (i think they are very enough for my use) 4-8gb ram corsair vengeance lpx 5-500 watt deepcool power supply
  7. i would buy a 500 watt because power supply's are expensive in where i live 500 watt would be 40-50 dollars
  8. how much watts should i put in the same build without gpu
  9. is 180 watt lenovo 80+ bronze enough for this build 1- ryzen 5 3400g 2- corsair vengeance lpx 8 gb 3-240gb BX500 crucial 4-b450m pro4 mother board
  10. which version should I download I have 2008 version download the same or 2019
  11. I was playing rocket league last night and today when I wake up this came to me and I tried to reinstall and nothing happened any one know what is causing this problem