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  1. Hello, I currently have a Corsair H115i Platinum RGB cooler and the Corsair Vengeance RGB ram sticks that are both being picked up by iCUE. I recently added Corsair SP140 fans to my pc and connected to a Lighting Node Core but this isn't being picked up by iCUE. What am I missing? Any help appreciated!
  2. Thanks folks I'll read up on build quality/durability as it's a more important factor for me personally over benchmark performance.
  3. Hi All, Relative newbie here... I've been looking at the reviews of the new RTX 3080 performance for all the AIB cards in the market. As an enthusiast who's not too fussed about peak performance i.e. overclocking, I don't see too much difference between the AIB cards apart from a few extra frames per second and marginally lower gpu temp. Does it actually matter which card I end up getting? Like, it is going to be a game changer between the MSI Gaming X Trio vs the Zotac Trinity? I'm looking to build a 1440p ultrawide gaming setup to play the late