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  1. im not sure what kind of bluescreen it is. he usually eats dinner in that time and then like every day texts me with the little windows 7 'your computer did not shut down correctly' he was using it all day before
  2. so my dad's computer (windows 7) has been randomly bluescreening and rebooting around the same time every day (5:00-5:30) im pretty sure its a psu overcurrent protection or heat problem, but any ideas? here are the specs: i7 970 some random hp mobo 3x 4gb ddr3 1333 1tb hdd gtx 580 hp case 550 watt psu random cd drive
  3. im leaning towards cudo miner but does anyone kmow how much i can make
  4. hi! im considering building a mining rig, here are specs: 10980xe 5x rx580, 1660s, 64gb ram what software/currency should i use to be the most profitable? any help appreciated! ps should i also use asics
  5. Hello guys! I have been working on a build for a friend with a huge budget, and I was wondering if the new EK quantum x cryo cooler thing is compatible with lga2066. Does anyone know if it can work with that or if its just for 115x? Thanks, Red_Fox_1293
  6. the 3 that i would recommend to anyone are the gigabyte trx40 designare, the gigabyte trx40 aorus xtreme (both for vrm and aesthetics), and the asus zenith ii extreme alpha (best all around)
  7. Hey guys! I am currently designing a case in protocase designer, and i need some cad files for like io shields, mini itx motherboards, regular standoffs, graphics cards/pcie slot covers, sff 3 pin power extension holes, etc. If any of you have any of those, all help is appreciated! -Red_Fox_1293
  8. Hello. I don't know if this is possible but is there a way that I could get my hands on the CAD models for the minecraft server case? I need that kind of case for a build that I have coming up and that is pretty much all that fits. Any help is appreciated. -Red_Fox_1293
  9. Hey guys! I am about to buy parts for a build, an want to use pc o11 xl for water cooling. However, the mobo I want to use is gigabyte trx40 aorus xtreme and it is listed as xlatx. I checked the case and it is within the dimension limits for the movie in that case, but pcpartpicker says it's incompatible. Can I use these? Any help greatly appreciated, Red_Fox_1293
  10. 5th way of u live in us sweet talk a micro center salesperson to reserve one for you when a new shipment comes in
  11. so I am planning a new build and I was gonna use 10980xe and x299x waterforce, but I had some questions. 1. How many fitting extenders Will I need to clear the ram? 2. Does this board for in lian li pc o11 xl to make the tube runs easy for me (first time water cooling) 3. Which is more powerful, 10980xe on x299 or 5950x on x570? Any help is greatly appreciated. -Red_Fox_1293
  12. probably, unless you REALLY want any of the ors
  13. I am looking for a new laptop for content creation and a little bit of 3d cad/blender. I had originally wanted the XPS 15, but I don't think that the 1650ti would be good enough for that stuff. I still want the same design ideas if possible. Here is the specs that I would want: CPU: 10750h, 10875h, 10980hk, 4700hs, or 4900hs RAM: 32 gb or above GPU: 2060 or better Less than 5 pounds I can do upgrades myself, but these are the things i want. Thanks.
  14. oh sry i selected the wrong board this is the right one MSI X470 GAMING PLUS MAX this is a high quality ssd SK hynix Gold S31
  15. Red_Fox_1293


    one of the sony wx1000 (i think thats what they are called) are good. they trade blows with the airpods pro. just look up best noise canceling earbuds and they should pop up. they are about $180
  16. no reason for 1tb m.2 i recommend 1tb 2.5 inch sata drive (ssd). for mobo i recommend gigabyte x470 aorus gaming 5 wifi, just a good board in general. you can use the money you saved to invest in the 2600x, for overclocking, and a different cooler than the box one.
  17. overkill af but nice build. i'm not sure if 2600 can go on x570, going x470 will ensure compatibility and save you a buck or two. also, why 1.5 tb storage?
  18. 16 gb is more than enough for most games, and it is a good sweet spot for multitasking.
  19. something like an old thermal paste spreader would also work
  20. its still laggy and shitty, any solutions?
  21. I own a 2019 MacBook Pro 13'' with Intel i7-8569u, and shown below are thermals and cpu usage. Something ain't right. How is there 100+% cpu being used? (this wasn't even the worst of it. when my xcode was updating, the app store task alone was using 334.5% cpu.) How is this possible? Also, my computer is pretty much at idle right now, just using chrome. How is 72° C idle temps normal? Before you say you deserve it, I didn't really have a choice in what to get.