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    i like tech


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    some rando lg display
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    Razer Basilisk Ultimate
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    Macos 11.0 big sur
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    MacBook pro 13 inch early 2019 intel i7-8569u (nice)

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  1. @SpiderManlike $350 or something like that
  2. yes theres that, try without xmp, xmp can occasionally f**k things up. i've never worked with 10700f, but is there a way to supply more volts even if it isn't unlocked?
  3. Thank you, but I mean as a cheap gpu before those come in stock, like a 1650 super or something (but not from shady amazon sellers)
  4. if you open the laptop, is there safe boot or cmos reset button, or a coin cell battery on the inside?
  5. Hello. I recently build a pc using amd ryzen 9 3950x and amd/ati radeon hd 7970 because of the gpu shortage. Unfortunately, the 7970 came out of a mac pro 7,1 and had a custom bios that didn't work with my new pc. I will be waiting for one of the 3000 series graphics cards to be in stock but want to use my pc before then. what gpu do you recommend? -Red_Fox_1293
  6. On bloody hell. I'll try it with another system I have, see if that works. Thanks
  7. Hello. Today, I finished building a computer using AMD Ryzen 9 3950X and a Asus Crosshair VIII Hero. Because of the gpu shortage, I installed an amd/ati Radeon hd 7970 that I took out of a Mac pro 7,1. When i turned on the computer, it cycled through the dram and cpu checks fine (the light turned on, numbers went through codes, light turned off) but got stuck in vga white light and boot green light (at the same time) with post code 02. Any idea why this might be? This is a new system. Any help appreciated! -Red_Fox_1293
  8. im not sure what kind of bluescreen it is. he usually eats dinner in that time and then like every day texts me with the little windows 7 'your computer did not shut down correctly' he was using it all day before
  9. so my dad's computer (windows 7) has been randomly bluescreening and rebooting around the same time every day (5:00-5:30) im pretty sure its a psu overcurrent protection or heat problem, but any ideas? here are the specs: i7 970 some random hp mobo 3x 4gb ddr3 1333 1tb hdd gtx 580 hp case 550 watt psu random cd drive
  10. im leaning towards cudo miner but does anyone kmow how much i can make
  11. hi! im considering building a mining rig, here are specs: 10980xe 5x rx580, 1660s, 64gb ram what software/currency should i use to be the most profitable? any help appreciated! ps should i also use asics
  12. Hello guys! I have been working on a build for a friend with a huge budget, and I was wondering if the new EK quantum x cryo cooler thing is compatible with lga2066. Does anyone know if it can work with that or if its just for 115x? Thanks, Red_Fox_1293
  13. the 3 that i would recommend to anyone are the gigabyte trx40 designare, the gigabyte trx40 aorus xtreme (both for vrm and aesthetics), and the asus zenith ii extreme alpha (best all around)
  14. Hey guys! I am currently designing a case in protocase designer, and i need some cad files for like io shields, mini itx motherboards, regular standoffs, graphics cards/pcie slot covers, sff 3 pin power extension holes, etc. If any of you have any of those, all help is appreciated! -Red_Fox_1293