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  1. No fucking way IT FUCKING WORKED OMG UR THE OG BRUH I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING BEEN WORKING ON IT FOR 9 hours responding to reddit and shit NO WAYYY I AM SO HAPPY i didnt hace any money for new motherboard and when this worked i fucking screamed with joy then cried of how retarded i was
  2. Yes sorry its H81M-C I have tried plugging VGA into motherboard before but it still didnt work but here is the thing detection isn't the problem the problem is when i pres power button everything spins in motherboard its working just fine but like its not showing on my monitor thats the problem
  3. Hello! So I wanted to sell my old gpu gtx 660 and when i brought it to this guy it didnt work it booted up and then shut down he tested it on 2 different motherboards same problem so i was like thats odd and didn't think any of it later but then like 1 week after I put my gtx 660 in my motherboard which is ddr3 HB1M-C and it booted up just fine but it didnt display on monitor i was like ok meh its broken whatever so i went to sleep next day i did cable management because i have shitty office mini atx case and plugged my gtx 1050ti back in and when i was about to start it same problem as before