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    voidrunner959 got a reaction from Mattsson96 in MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk + Ryzen 5600X posted once, not anymore...   
    I can return it open box same day for a refund so just easy i been working on this $2500 tower for so long at this point i just want it to post and update so i can move on with my life 
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    voidrunner959 reacted to Letgomyleghoe. in 100Hz Widescreen? Or 144HZ   
    Well you can't get the best of both worlds. You have to sacrifice 44hz, which some people notice the difference in games but depends, or more real estate for your audio shenanigans and have black bars and s  -  t  -  r  -  e  -  c  -  h  -  e  -  d content in some cases. 
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    voidrunner959 reacted to Sabarok in New PC Build (High End)   
    I was reading through a few articles comparing motherboards, and I also landed on the ASUS TUF Gaming X570+ as a good all-round option. It has the features I'm looking for at what seems a reasonable price. I've been shocked at the price of motherboards now. There are so many in the $600-$1000 range. I just have no idea what the differences are at that price point and if there's anything worth the higher price tag. I hear ASUS TUF is built more for reliability, and that's what I like. I've used Gigabyte, MSI, and ASUS in the past, and I'm happy to stick to that family. Your suggestion of the MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk is an interesting one. I'm rather fond of MSI.
    For the case, I've been happy with Mid-towers. A reasonable amount of space to have an easy time installing drives, and I think I've only ever used ATX boards. Portability isn't a factor. I have a laptop for when I need to be mobile (and a work issued tablet). I currently have my PC sitting on top of a dolly with wheels, so I can very easily pull it away from the wall and have full access to all sides.
    PSU is one pieces where I know how important quality is, and I don't follow it enough to know which brands are reputable and what the good power supplies are right now.
    I wish you good luck with the ROG contest. I think I entered it too, but with very few entries. Since my build centers around a CPU that doesn't launch until November and I still need to get my hands on a 3080, who knows when I'll start buying components  
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    voidrunner959 reacted to Hackerman25 in Should I stick with curved monitor for gaming?   
    this seems pretty good, it is flat though
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    voidrunner959 reacted to Le monke in New PC for audio/gamming   
    Your mobo that u have has pretty good sound qaulity so you might be good w/o the sound card. And your build looks pretty good.
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    voidrunner959 got a reaction from Snadzies in When someone wonders why there is no RTX 3080s   
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    voidrunner959 reacted to SiN_Fury in ROG Rig Reboot 2020 is HERE!   
    I'd kill for an rx460... According to UserBenchmark, it's 300% better than what I have now.
    I mean, I've been planning to build a new computer, but I've decided to wait until November for multiple reasons.
    1) I'll know the results of this contest by then.
    2) AMD will have launched it's Zen 3 by then, so Zen 2 should be cheaper.
    3) Black Friday
    Just goes to show, some contestants have better PC's, some have worse... It comes down to execution on the videos.
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    voidrunner959 reacted to Oliver Michael in ROG Rig Reboot 2020 is HERE!   
    Damn dude I'd kill for a 1060, I'm stuck with an rx 460 ripped from my friend's motherboard in his pc fire
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    voidrunner959 reacted to theDapperFoxtrot in ROG Rig Reboot 2020 is HERE!   
    Not sure if there are members here posting their entries, but even if I'm not selected, I hope some folks might appreciate my work!
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    voidrunner959 got a reaction from BananaCS13 in ROG Rig Reboot 2020 is HERE!   
    Man idk if my rig is shity enough I mean its a little bellow mid-tier and only has on fan but i don't think its crap-tastic lol 
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    voidrunner959 reacted to Haro in Asus Tuf?   
    200 USD or CAD? lol. 
    but assuming it's USD.. 
    To name some, or the x570 tomahawk if you can find one, but if you want to go for the x570 tuf, then sure, it's a good board. 
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    voidrunner959 reacted to Moonzy in Asus Tuf?   
    personally own a R9 3900x with x570 TUF wifi
    had issues with it, right after installing windows it just BSOD, had to turn off WiFi in bios to be able to load into windows (the default driver for wifi probably caused the crash)
    and RAM speed wouldn't apply well, had to reset bios several times to get it to apply
    now im not sure if RAM is board specific, but several other people have 3900x and x570 TUF WiFi have had the same issue with WiFi, so there's a tip for you if you want to use it
    and after updating to latest bios, i only had to apply my RAM speed once and it sticks, not sure if im lucky or they fixed it.
    newer boards might have later bioses too, which probably fixed the wifi issue by now.
    that said, it's a decent board once you get it working, never had other issues with it once you iron it out.
    it's a good board for the value.
    "BUGCODE_NDIS_DRIVER" is the error code for x570 TUF wifi issue if you wanna look it up yourself